A surprisingly simple marketing secret that pulls like crazy…

“Add ‘Hollywood Drama’
And Personality To Your Sales Copy!”

Finally convert under-performing marketing messages into
dramatic & compelling words that sell

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

Reality is…

You’ve been lied to!

Interruption marketing doesn’t work. At least not the way it used to…

These days old-school forced interruption marketing just isn’t “good enough”. At least not if you want to convert impatient browsers into loyal buyers.

…your readers, viewers, and listeners are bombarded with over 3000 marketing messages each day.

It’s all noise!

Your marketing message must burst through. You must catch your reader’s immediate attention. You must communicate exactly what they want to hear.

How? In a word… relevancy.

Google has changed everything

You want results.

The problem is Google has changed everything. Cold institutional marketing is ignored. People expect. . . No!, they DEMAND marketing messages that are relevant to their interests. Today’s buyers look upon interruption marketing with skepticism and in some cases outright disdain. When your message fails to match the conversation already taking place in your market’s head…you lose!

So then what works?

Copy that is relevant to your market. Copy that engages your prospects and creates the right image. Copy that tells a story that hits readers squarely between the eyes. I’ll tell you more about the exact method in a moment.

Right now, you could try clinging to outdated soulless and boring ‘corporate’ marketing approaches. But doing more of what is not working won’t make a difference. At least not a positive difference.

It’s Not Your Fault

Not entirely…

Now, maybe you are reading this page out of curiosity. Some people do—especially those who’ve never hired a freelance copywriter before.

But most likely, you’ve hired a team of writers in the past while assuming all writes are alike. Well…where did that lead to? What was your marketing return on investment with those approaches?

Whatever your reason for reading it has lead you to this one conclusion…

You now know you need copy that most of all appeals to the self-interests of your buyers.

Hi. I’m Andre Bell.

I specialize in a dramatic, emotion driven storytelling technique that is at least as old as Aristotle.

This story building technique is at the heart of the US film industry and has helped grow movie ticket sales to over $10 billion dollars annually. With my knowledge of this technique –and a “secret” twist to sales copy– I can help your company increase sales and revenues.

That’s because I write relevant sales copy designed to move people emotionally. To whip prospects into a healthy buying frenzy.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’ve been involved in direct response marketing since 1977. A lot of changes have come and gone. But because human nature never changes the way the human brain processes information is still the same. Dramatic story telling is still the number one approach to marketing.

Over the years I studied the legends of copywriting. Masters like Gary Halbert, Claude Hopkins, Victor Schwab, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, Rosser Reeves, Eugene Schwartz, and a plethora of still living legends.

I’ve invested thousands of hours into learning the craft of writing sales copy. I studied everything I could get my hands on. The AWAI writing courses, fiction writing correspondence courses, attended college writing workshops with published authors as teachers, technical writing classes, and more.

In The Beginning

As I was saying…in 1977 I launched my first direct mail business — while only around 12 years old!

When other kids were preoccupied with playing ball in the streets, I was obsessed with learning how to make mail order and direct sales work. Some in my family named me “The Tinkerer”. That was because I was constantly taking things apart around the house and putting them back together.

The same was true of my study of marketing.

That was more than 30 years ago. I now do the same in business. But instead of winging it I continue following ‘blueprints’ laid out by masters of copywriting who’ve come before me.

How I Write

My writing is tailored to appeal to your specific audience. Their desires. Their wants. Their needs. And most importantly their fears.

And I never write fabricated copy. You know, the kind where you tell the copywriter the product or service you are selling and they fabricate ‘cookie cutter’ details about you and your product without so much as an ounce of research into your market.


Another word for that is fraud.

But let’s not go down that road.

Sure. You could rely on those types of writers. Perhaps you’ve done so in the past. But what are you going to do when the SEC comes calling? When the SEC demands proof of the fabricated claims and testimonials in your sales copy?

Think you can blame your copywriter?

Good luck. Those types of writers could care less about the success of your project. For me success is measured in dollars and cents ethically earned for my clients.

As a dedicated freelancer your success means my survival.

This Magic Moment

Is my approach a “magic pill?” No. But you might think so after seeing overnight sales increases.

WARNING!!! I do not write for just anyone…

Though I prefer working with established technology driven companies, I am not prejudice.

Over the past 17+ years I’ve advised commercial contractors, doctors, cosmetic companies, dental supply companies, authors and publishers, alternative health providers, the behind the scenes owner of an international movie studio, retail companies, mom and pop establishments, solopreneurs, and more.

However I do not write for pornography, religion/spirituality/mysticisms, politics, tobacco products, illegal drugs, or things like these.

How Do You Know If
My Services Are Right For You?

You don’t. But you can find out.

If you think you might be a good alliance partner (regardless of industry) and you are looking to improve the sales of an existing product or are seeking help in an area of marketing I specialize in…then I’d love to hear from you.

Contact me. If I feel we’re a good match for your next sales letter, direct mail package, landing page, or other online or offline project I will let you know my requirements to write for you.

I am not available to work with everyone who contacts me [I reject must requests]. And I cannot promise my fees are in everyone’s price range either. I can promise to do my best to outline a marketing direction that won’t strain resources. It is up to you to decide yes or no.

It’s as simple as that.


Direct Response Marketing Consultant

PS: From time to time clients fall out of the queue due to schedule conflicts or other factors that come into play. That creates an opportunity for you. Your project then moves ahead in priority. But only if you click the contact link above and fill out the form to email me.

PPS: No pressure. If we are not right for each other I can usually refer someone who charges much less than I charge but who is still heads above most ‘institutional’ writers. If I can’t help you….I’m sure one of my chosen associates can. But only if you are serious about moving forward when you are ready.