What Is The Best Business
For Making Money On The Internet?

>>Can I get your opinion on something?
>>I was told that you are the expert in how to make money on the internet.
>>I am looking to start some type of business that would bring in a few thousand dollars each month.
>>What is the best business to do this?
>>What do you recommend that I learn?

First of all if you are in the same shoes as the person who wrote the above message let’s get one thing straight. I do not call myself an expert. And I’m no guru.

I may be exceptionally good though at seeing others people’s overlooked opportunities that they themselves may not see. I know this because I’ve helped a number of individuals worldwide launch and successfully build businesses of their own.

Sometimes an objective view, fresh eyes is all that is needed. Other times it is specialized knowledge that is needed. In any case I help where I can.

Magic Bullet

That said, there is no magic bullet money making business. No one-size-fits-all business model. Every option depends on who you are right now. Unfortunately I know nothing about you. I know nothing about your circumstances. I know nothing about your location or area of business. And I know nothing about your disposition. So there is no authentic way of suggesting anything specific for your circumstances.

However, business models based around these two options are still effective even in today’s “broken” economy:

  • Consulting {one-on-one coaching, group coaching, email coaching, copywriting, SEO/PPC/IM services, etc}
  • Publishing {information products of all sorts}

Eben Pagan and Igor Ledochowski both reportedly gross more than $10 million annually doing the above. Dan Kennedy reportedly grossed over $500 million his best year ever while basically doing the same.

Both consulting and publishing require time, effort, and money to pursue clients and customers. You need resources to pursue these avenues of income. And you need to know how to differentiate yourself.

Three Sheets In The Wind

Oh. There is a third option for making money besides publishing and direct consulting. Let me tell you of an experience…

I have an offline buddy who’s earning a very substantial income doing not much more than teaching business folks how to get the most from their smart phones and digital devices. He conducts company seminars with executives and business owners and any staff members selected by the executives and owners to attend.

It is a business he fell into by accident. As more and more people kept asking him how he’s automating so much and getting so much done it turned into invitations to do in-office staff-only seminars as a result of him having taught one executive after another to use their smart phones.

His business is growing. And he is now making the most money in his life. ironically he is doing so just from consulting and teaching smart phone usage to executives who had no idea so much automation can be handled via a handheld phone.

About Andre Bell
Andre strives to help marketers discover the near-immediate impact of honest ethical marketing practices. He has advised hundreds of business owners on how to keep their dignity as they implement direct response marketing methods that work. Andre is one of only a handful of remaining professionals who can boast having become an online marketer a decade before the World Wide Web came into existence. And as a serial entrepreneur Andre launched his first direct mail business around the age of 12-years old. He has been building and advising ever since.

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