SEO for Serious Players

You are likely here because you downloaded the SEO White Paper: 5 Top SEO Tools For SEO Pros.

This tool is very powerful. And is available to SEO professionals only. So if you are not serious about making a living providing SEO services to others, this is a tool you are better off letting your competitors use against you – so they win the search engine wars while you sit around wondering what went wrong!

Ok. That’s may be a bit harsh. If you are serious about SEO you need to follow the same processes as this tool provides. But be warned, this is nearly impossible to do by hand [actually, it IS impossible for most humans to do by hand with rare exception]. And may take months of trial and error to get even close to the same output as this tool can outline in a day.

Here is the ONLY tool I recommend for this category:

Read all about Krakken via the link above. And watch the video. There is more information available via the official site than I can retype by hand here.