Updating site: Branding Like A Hollywood Movie

Can you guess one of the summertime movies I saw a while back?

Here’s a hint:

And here’s how the movie poster design looks as a header to my site:

(click for a larger view)

Did you figure out which movie this design emulates? Ok, how about this for a better hint:

Oops. That was more of a spoiler than a hint.

Standing in the Shadows of Hollywood

Here’s another Bourne Legacy poster inspiration:

The same poster merged as FaceBook cover:

And the standing image merged as a potential web header for this site:

Why change my site header at all?

Well, being that I live in California I wanted to brand my site using a ‘movie star’ theme. Something people can relate to. And since I liked the Bourne Legacy movie poster so much, I decided to try and emulate the poster in the header of my site. I also went so far as to emulate the theme on one of my FaceBook pages, as shown above.

Does this mean I loved the Bourne Legacy movie? Nope. The movie was just so-so. I found screwing with the poster design more entertaining :p

Anyhow I have three other header themes designed on paper and photos already shot. All of the ideas are based around one or more movie themes. No clue when I will have time to finish editing, tweaking, and uploading each of the other themes. Maybe a couple days. Maybe a couple weeks. Maybe longer. Is time-consuming.

Graphic design truly is best left for the pro’s. They are better and faster at what they do. It is not a field I’d ever want to get into (I’m too OCD or something for that). I’ll stick to providing ‘enhanced copy’ to tech companies and other companies that qualify for marketing assistance. A field my brain has already been altered to handle :)