12-12-2012. The World Ends Today!

12-12-2012. “Today The World Ends.”
Soothsayers claim All Life On Earth Will Perish Tonight

…and I want you to benefit if they are wrong!!!


As I sit here listening to fire trucks blaze by from fire station #2 near Priesker Park I’ve decided to have an “End Of World” ‘firesale.’ This is partly a way of thumbing my nose to the end-of-life prognosticators who say this is the last day of life for you and me.

I don’t believe life ends today. I believe the fear mongers are wrong. If I am right that means tomorrow we will be forced to face the decisions we made today—and forced to relive the opportunities we missed.

Well, I want you to become the beneficiary of the mistaken calculations of the misguided Soothsayers.

The world might not end tonight… but this unbelievable deal will

I’ve come up with a way for you to increase leads and sales from the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and social media sites (Facebook, online forums, etc) for an entire year in a way so daring I’m certain no other consultant would dare try. I’m certain my wife is going to flip when she hears about this ‘crazy’ end-of-world “loss” I’ve offered.

But I have the utmost confidence that you recognize a great offer on a cutting edge profit-producing way to use the internet to bring in more sales to your company – and will act on it accordingly.

So let me share with you what I’ve put in mind to do. Offer you a full year of my highest level SEO internet consulting services. I will outline and implement a year-long SEO marketing strategy utilizing a combination of ongoing social media marketing activities, on-site and off-site SEO tactics, editorial content distribution, and publicity.

This service normally bills at $3500 a month with a three month minimum obligation paid in advance ($10,500). So that works out to $42,000 over the course of a year—and is well worth the value. But that is not my firesale fee.

Could you do this for less in-house?

Frankly, no.

The hybrid combination of professional-level tools and processes I use require a minimum upfront cost of $5500 plus $1100 a month in recurring fees. That’s $18,700 annually just for the foundation tools I use. Add in additional tools as required and employee wages ($82,000-$119,000 for a SEO strategist according to Onward Search Salary Guide) and it is easy to see this level of service comes in at a minimum of $100,700 to $137,700 annually.

That $100,700 to $137,700 investment for an in-house employee does not even account for the months of training costs to get that person up to speed on using the exact same specialized tools I use—months you are not earning a penny online while the employee ‘learns the ropes’.

But because I’ve worked with multiple clients all working together to defray my overhead —which rarely changes— I’m able to work for far less than for what you’d pay to have me or anyone else work exclusively for you in-house doing what I do.

Your Firesale…

For what works out to just $625 a month you get an entire year of high-level SEO services designed to bring in more leads, sales, and customers. Yes, just $7500 for a full year of professional client and customer attracting SEO service. This is my “end-of-world” firesale.

This is for today only!

If tomorrow should arrive, obviously, this deal is off. And if the world ends today, well it goes without saying this deal is off then too.

Oh. There is one other caveat. I am selective of the types of businesses I work with. I will not help promote hatred, anything divisive like religions or politics, or things like these.

Attention competitors and peers

My firesale also applies to ‘white labeling’ my services to your clients.

This ‘white labeling’ service is available for an entire year for much less than my fee for working with clients one-on-one. This is because you are absorbing my marketing costs by bringing projects to me. You can charge whatever you choose to charge on your end for an entire year. And I never contact your clients directly nor identify myself to them. Please keep in mind, though, that I ordinarily require a five client minimum to discount white labeled SEO services. But today only I will reduce that to a three client minimum. Ask me my rate. I guarantee you will be floored by how low affordable it is to white label SEO services to me.

Where do you stand? Do you believe life will continue? If so, here is how you can benefit if you are right…

You must contact me today by raising your hand saying, “Yes, Andre count me in!” I will schedule a call with you (Skype preferred) and run through a basic questionnaire with you to learn about your company, and if accepted you will be invited to FedEx NDA a check to get started.

Do not contact me after today for this discounted service. It will not be available. Heck. If we are both wrong the world might not be here when your check arrives anyways.

Yours Sincerely,

Andre Bell
Consultant and Software Developer

PS: By the way, when you do the math you see this firesale represents a true out of pocket loss to me of $5700 per year if I were to fail to cover this firesale service with multiple new clients. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. That’s my loss to contend with, not yours. Either way though, if life continues you are the beneficiary of the failed claims of the end-of-world prognosticators. And if life ends who of us will be around to comment?