The Truth About Marketing With Sales Letters

In this post I revisit a classic direct mail sales letter template layout.

Read the original direct mail sales letter primer here on my site.

Over the past 16+ years I’ve written so many hundreds and hundreds of articles online I’ve forgotten about many of them. There have been just way too many to keep track of. Even some of the more recent articles get lost in the shuffle.

Well, when checking my server logs for traffic statistics I noticed a surge of visitors to one of my old articles. It’s an article about why we should NEVER focus our marketing solely on a single sales letter or ad.

The article shows a classic direct mail sales letter template layout as well as shows a critical mistake to avoid when creating direct response ads. The information is so useful I figured it’s time to revisit the article, especially seeing how Google has decided to start sending people there again.

Read the direct mail sales letter primer here on my site. You might even want to print the article out to refer to it often. Is useful information.

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