Free Special Report – The SEO Automation ‘Black Book’: Evaluating In-House SEO Tools

When it comes to winning the search engine game nearly everyone is looking for that little something extra that puts their site above competitors–an unfair advantage. And rightly so.

91% of Internet users use search engines. The higher your site appears in search results the more prospective customers you can expect to visit your website. And conversely, the further down your site appears in search results the fewer visitors you can expect to land on your site.

This practical Special Report saves you time and headaches by outlining five key areas to focus on for increasing the search engine ranking of your sites — virtually on autopilot.

In The SEO Automation Black Book you will find out:

  • Actual tools SEO pros use for automating SEO for their clients
  • The role the specific words and phrases and the underlining structure of the entire site and its content plays in SEO ranking
  • The automating of backlinking schemes of all sorts; blogs, video sites, article directories, etc.
  • You will learn the top 10 elements Google views as essential to consider whether or not your site provides a valuable visitor experience to those who visit your site
  • You will gain key insights on how to use web automation to track and boost visitor conversion

If the task of getting straight answers about SEO automation has seemed daunting this Special Report will show you the exact tools that actually work.

Click the link below to download your free copy of SEO Automation Black Book today. Send me an email to receive your free copy via Instant Reply email:

The guide is yours free. And Andre never spams. However Andre is NOT actively seeking SEO clients at this time either. True SEO is complex and requires a significant marketing budget. In the exceedingly rare occasions he might take on an SEO client, the client has to prove themselves capable, have no trouble with the initial ante of $15,000 starting budget to implement and launch an SEO campaign, and have a big and interesting opportunity worth promoting. Andre is NOT available to write single SEO articles or to create any other individual SEO editorial content.