Stealth Marketing Online

You are likely here because you downloaded the SEO White Paper: 5 Top SEO Tools For SEO Pros.

WARNING!!! The tools mentioned in this section are HUGELY powerful. They are also easily exploited to abuse the web and for abusing sites privately owned by others.

Online stealth marketing involves “spying” on competitors, tracking web trends, deliberately participating in online discussions related to what you wish to sell or promote and things like these.

The problem with the tools in this category is that it is only too easy to indiscriminately “spam” the web when using these tools. That is what most people do when using these SEO tools. I do not. I recommend you find relevant discussions and authentically participate in those discussions. Do not ‘fabricate’ discussions nor spam the internet. I hate spammers. There’s no way in he77 I’d ever encourage the creation of another of those monsters.

That said, here are the top tools I recommend for this category:

ALL of the tools on the list can be misused for ‘black hat’ activities. Do not do that. Use these tools responsibly and your site will stay online. “Spam” the internet with garbage content and you deserve what happens to you. See the warning in my SEO White Paper: 5 Top SEO Tools For SEO Pros if you have not already done so.