Setting up a small business website

It seems when I’m approached offline by business owners there is one topic I’m cornered and asked about more than any other…it’s how to setup a small business website.

If you are seeking the answer to this same question the steps you are looking for are outlined in the links below:

>> Part 1
>> Part 2

Print and read both pages above before doing anything else

That said, setting up a website is NOT the key to online success you are probably imagining.

There’s more to online success than putting up a website. And if you are asking how to setup a website you are probably asking the wrong question–but do not yet know it.

“I usually cringe when anyone asks about setting up a website. That’s because I know they’ve failed to ask the correct question. They should ask how to create a website that functions as a critical component of a broader or central marketing funnel. That is the right question.”

The purpose of a website is not to function as a glorified business card that displays your name, address, email contact, and phone number.

Getting folks who corner me to understand the purpose of a website is to generate leads, to build credibility and authority, to create desire to work with them can be a headache.

If you perhaps are thinking the sole purpose of your site is to tell the world you exist you are wasting your time and money. You are fooling yourself. No one cares. No one goes online just to learn of the existence of a company. They go online to get information. To learn. To make an eventual purchase online or offline.

Focus on building a business… not a web page

The mantra, “if you build it they will come” is a false claim. You need to focus on something other than building a website. You need to focus on building a business. Your website is simply one media for exchanging and disseminating information. Often it is the first step that identifies folks who potentially have a need or want for what you are selling.

If you build a site that simply shows you exist you’ve failed. You need a site that works hard at attracting clients and customers for you–and making them enter you sales funnel– or weed themselves out as not being the right type of client for you.

So look beyond building a website. Look towards building a business. Do so and you’ll build a website you can be proud of.