Top 5 ‘Secret’ SEO Tools That Don’t Suck

As a result of one of my LinkedIn posts and one of my blog entries I’ve been getting inquiries for more information about SEO software that actually works.

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Here’s my comment from LinkedIn that started this all.

Howdy everyone. Paul asked for tips. Well, I thought I’d give one about SEO. Here it is:

Grab the handful of SEO software programs that actually work (avoid the junkie over hyped products) and then handle SEO in-house yourself. In-house automation saves you money compared to the steep five or six figures required MONTHLY for hiring out to qualified SEO companies, gives you greater control, and gives peace of mind that no one is ‘black hatting’ your site into blacklist purgatory.

Handling the work yourself will require time. And there will be a learning curve to deal with as you come up to speed on using SEO automation software too. But managing SEO automation software is nothing compared to trying to manage SEO activities by hand.

So unless you have more money than time use automation to do the work yourself. Only outsource if you can afford to do so.

There are only five SEO software packages I’ve found that actually work when used concurrently as a complete SEO process. Most others are worthless junk that deliver zero actual impact to your SEO position. The junk products are only conceptually valuable — they do nothing other than report information. It’s up to you to figure how to make use of that information. True SEO automation does all that for you.