Review: Paul Hartunian’s Million Dollar Publicity Manual

Today I received an email asking if Paul Hartunian’s Million Dollar Publicity Manual ( is worth the purchase. The inquirer said he tracked me down because of a testimonial on Paul’s site.

Well, it’s been a few years since I purchased that material. I still refer to it though when writing news releases. It is one of my 4-core products I use for creating publicity opportunities for myself and for clients. I think all four are needed.

Anyhow here’s the exact email reply [typos and grammar errors et al] I sent to the inquirer concerning my testimonial listed on Paul’s site:

Oh. I didn’t know that was there.

I did receive a bunch of requests. But due to a lot of scam orders using fake/stolen credit cards I stopped sales. I think I had fulfillment company copy off 500 sets of DVDs before I hollered ‘stop’. Pretty sure it was 500. The stolen credit card scam was to addresses all around the country. Despite using adult signature required, the credit card companies charged back the orders. And Paypal said there was nothing they could do about it since the charge backs were from the credit card company’s end.

Found out it was a ring of thieves ordering dvd’s and other stuff using faked cards. I got hit too. Couldn’t tell legit orders from the scam orders. Was too much hassle . So I discontinued the site and the product. So no, I did not ship 1200 copies but yes did receive requests and inquiries. A small difference in wording.

Anyhow, I was so excited back then I shot off an email thanking Paul the day my phones and online order processing went crazy. Didn’t know [or forgot] the comment was put on his site. Had I known I would have requested a link back to one of my sites — lol.

Hope that clarifies.


PS: Hartunian is a great marketer. Has made millions by my estimations. His materials are good and bad.


• Nowhere else have I ever found such honest and thorough info about dealing with the news media in a way you do not get taken advantage of ie your content stolen w/o attributing something back to you. Quid quo pro.

• Lots of good real-world examples to learn from and swipe from.

• Good explanation and details outlining bio and other required documents.

• Good tips on pitching story ideas. etc


• The cost of publicity today is significantly greater than when Paul first wrote this material. Expect to spend $1,000 or more on a serious national campaign (even online). The cost for local campaigns are negligible though. Free if contacting local media via the internet.

• His direct response headline approaches are somewhat dated. Best to emulate headlines and story ideas in the style of whichever media you are approaching.

• Faxing press releases (as the course suggests) can get you in trouble if you are not 100% certain to fax only to valid media fax machines.

• A ton of content. If you don’t like reading then this will drive you crazy.

• Implementation is on you. No amount of info is going to make a bit of difference if the buyer fails to follow through. Just buying this course is useless. Using the info is what will actually make a difference.

In the right hands I think Paul Hartunian’s Million Dollar Publicity Manual can be a great course.

But if you are not someone who follows through the course will likely just be a big waste of money. If that is you, you’re probably better off just handing everything to someone else to do the work for you [like me :p].

And by the way, I’m not an affiliate or reseller or anything like that for Paul. This is just an honest review of my personal experiences using his materials, among others.

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