How to Build A Small Business Website In Under An Hour

Some plain talk about a simple process that often sounds complicated.

Does the idea of ‘going online’ leave you feeling overwhelmed?
If so you are not alone. Nearly everyone who’s considered putting their business online has faced these same questions…

  • How long will it take to get a site online?
  • What type of costs are you looking at?
  • What level of technical know-how is required to get things going?
  • Should you handle the work of designing and creating your site in-house or should you outsource?
  • Is there a silver-tongued web marketing sales rep trying to squeeze you for the most money they can get out of you without fair exchange in value? Or are they being truthful and honest in their claims–and high fees?

I’ve been online since about a decade before the world wide web came into existence for the public. And as an early adopter of web marketing principles I’ve personally built over 100 custom sites for myself and others in a myriad of industries. And I’ve advised hundreds more. Here’s what I learned about quickly launching a real website for small businesses with the least cost and time.

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