On-Site SEO

You are likely here because you downloaded the SEO White Paper: 5 Top SEO Tools For SEO Pros.

Well, for online SEO I recommend using much the same tools as for Offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO involves activities such as meta tags (title, description, keywords, etc), use of content categories (if using a WordPress or similar blog), SEO copywriting, internal structure of the site itself (read more about this in the web silo section), and pretty much anything else related to the actual content within a site. When I say content I mean content seen by humans or by search engine ‘bots.’ Both are important. Never create a site simply for the search engines nor just for humans. You must balance the content to appeal to each or you risk alienating the other.

Here are the top tools I recommend for this category:

The last tool on the list can be misused for ‘black hat’ activities. Do not do that. Use this tool responsibly and your site will stay online. “Spam” the internet with garbage content and you deserve what happens to you. See the warning in my SEO White Paper: 5 Top SEO Tools For SEO Pros if you have not already done so.