Does Fear Hold You Back?

While uncertainty must be present, especially in the early stages of a creative endeavor, our natural tendency is to run from and work to eliminate things that cause us pain. This leads us to short-circuit our ability to create genius in a number of ways. It may lead us to never start. It may make us push an endeavor forward too quickly because we can no longer handle not knowing how it’s going to work out. Or it may lead us to overquestion every potential action, thus slowing the process to a near halt.

Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or innovation-driven team member, the ideas, strategies, and recommendations shared in the pages of this book will lay a foundation that will make the creation process both far more enjoyable and productive. They will arm you with the tools to create solutions, experiences, art, and outcomes on an entirely different level. And as an added benefit, many will also greatly enhance your experience of life beyond your endeavor.

Jonathan Fields
Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance

The greatest threat that hinders us from achieving true creative genius in life is usually ourselves. Both in business and in personal areas of our lives.

Perhaps not on a conscious level. But subconsciously we may fear what may happen if we take a risk and fall on our faces.

  • Will others ridicule us?
  • Will we end up looking stupid? Embarrassed?
  • Will friends and loved ones leave us?
  • Will we end up broke, homeless, and with no way of changing our lives for the better.
  • Or will we succeed beyond our wildest expectations – and ruin our lives in the process?

It is common to fear what taking a chance might cause to happen to us. Fear can be a protection. Especially if taking a chance turns out badly.

A Simple Change In Your Thinking Can Mean An End To Worry And Fear

We can harness fear. Jump in both feet forward. Consciously. And enjoy the process. No matter the outcome.

Where did I get this ‘crazy’ idea? Well, less than five minutes before sitting down to write this blog entry I had just finished reading Jonathan Fields’ Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance. Has it changed my life? Gosh, it’s has been all of five minutes that I finished reading. Give me some leeway here, please. Implementation of all I got out of this will take a few days :)

Still, the reading has changed my perspective in several areas of my own professional and personal life. In fact I’ve had an epiphany for one area of my own business I had clearly been overlooking. But I will share that for some other blog post.

The quote at the beginning of this post is a portion of the concluding comments from the Chapter Summaries of Jonathan Fields’ Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance.

What I Learned In Only 3 1/2 Hours

Jonathan’s book helps you discover how to accept uncertainty as a necessary part of the process of achieving brilliance. Not running from it. Not quite harnessing uncertainty. But effectively using fear and uncertainty to fuel your efforts and direct your actions as well as your mindset/viewpoint about dealing with ambiguity.

About Andre Bell
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