Business Branding: Dramatic Hollywood Movie Styling – The pen is mightier than the…gun?

Here’s my newest header design approach.

It’s the second of four tongue-in-cheek movie-inspired designs I finished for my site. This newest header is inspired by a Casino Royale movie poster.

casino royal

Here’s one of the near-completed variations of my Casino Royale poster designs:

marketing strategist

The most current version of the above design, slight modifications of the above design, is used in my header. Here’s one variation of my header:
(click to enlarge)

I’ve also used variations of this ‘Casino Royale’ design on my FaceBook page. Here’s a shot of just the Facebook cover page:

You’ll probably need to login to FaceBook to see the variation in actual use though.

Oh. In the official Casino Royale movie poster Daniel Craig is carrying a handgun. In my version of this poster I’m carrying a large pen, in the opposite hand. A Montblanc knock off. Can barely see the pen due to the angle I’m holding the pen in this shot. If you look close you can see the pen in the hand near the nearest headlight on the red car.

Unfortunately I miffed that shot a little. But not going to setup a new ‘photoshoot’ just for that mistake. Will know better next time…and will probably just Photoshop a new hand on me–just like I did the obviously Photoshopped more muscular body on the beach scene –lol.

By the way, not a single element was ‘borrowed’ from another poster source. My design was created by hand in Photoshop. The swirly ‘gun barrel’ background I created by hand. And the images I used are primarily royalty-free images from istock photo. The main image of me, of course is me, not my head put on some actor’s body. I say this because my own wife asked, ‘what did you do, put your head on Tom Cruise’s body?’ Ugh! “It’s all me baby!”

First Attempts – The Bourne Legacy Approach

Anyhow if you’ve missed my first movie-inspired header go take a look here. That’s my first attempt at movie inspired header. Is too grainy and too red. May change it later. Or not.

I have three additional designs penciled out and photos already taken but am too swamped right now to get to making movie poster inspired headers and graphics for those other designs.

No I do not create movie posters for other people. Hire a graphic designer…or spend $2,000 with this guy. Last time I looked back during the first week of August, $1997 is what he charged to create a movie star brand video etc. No clue if is the same today.

Why Oh Why?

I create my movie poster styles myself. First because I can. But more so because it’s getting in and personally getting my hands ‘dirty’ that I can go from design idea to finished concept. Penciling broad ideas is easy, even in my sleep. But it is only by handling some aspect if not all of the writing myself that I can go from fleshing out a concept to giving an idea life in the real world.

Do you need dynamic copy that “kills”? Perhaps I can help. Use the contact link in the sidebar to tell me a little about your project or marketing frustrations.


Bell….Andre Bell.