Natural Cure Rant

Sometimes being a writer and researcher is a curse. Recently I was doing research to evaluate the possibility of taking a ‘Candida doctor’ and his team of marketers on as a client.

I added myself to as many competing mailing lists as I could find. I also looked for competing products and marketing materials to get my hands on. This is something I always do with any potential client.

Someone Is Lying To Us

From this research it wasn’t long before I was reminded that many cancers and Candida ailments [as well as a ton of other modern ailments] are ‘fixable’ with natural products. Products that are now restricted or otherwise banned for human consumption in the USA.

But I didn’t just listen to the marketing ‘hype’ from folks with something to sell. I verified natural cures were indeed documented in older copies of Merck’s Manuals as well as other medical journals. Natural cures were not blind quackery as some would have us believe.

Well, me being me…when I come across a natural cure for anything I’m quite likely to test it–even if I do not have those symptoms. This was the case with these so-called cures. I wanted to see what would happen in my body if I tried them out. (The curse of being a researcher).

Guilty Until Proven Otherwise

When it comes to marketing promises follow to the letter the protocols outlined. I never accept any claim outright.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a rash decision. Now that I’ve gotten a little older I’m in no way a foolish risk taker. Risk taker yes. But calculated risk.

When it comes to matters of life and death I may be more risk-averse than almost anyone I know. I’ve grown accustomed to being alive. And I’d like to stay that way.

Here’s what happened when I tested the promises and protocol of one competing product…

I won’t lie. I was worried about following the ‘natural’ protocol I was reading. It sounded dangerous. In fact the warning from the manufacturers of the natural product listed a ton of dire consequences. One of which is death. That kind of warning isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Why’d I try it anyways?

I was suspicious of the claims that this stuff would kill me. That’s because ever since I was a kid my father had told me stories about his parents forcing this protocol on him and his seven siblings when they were kids. Though he never did the same to us.

Well, my father’s experience plus me perusing several dozen medical journals and medical studies stating that forms of this protocol were used for many other ailments –for centuries– before pharmaceuticals became widely known also made me think that maybe the claim of this being deadly was a blatant lie.

So I took a calculated risk. A risk nonetheless*.

Rolling The Dice

What happened?

The protocol made me burp. Lots of uncontrollable burping. I felt like I was reliving that scene from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with Charlie and his grandpa burping over and over — but without the cute bubbles.

To be honest, that worried me a little. Never had I had uncontrolled burping like that. It was extreme though not painful in any way.

I waited a few days to watch for signs of problems and to see what would happen from my calculated risk. Well, obviously I was still alive. So I then got around to telling my wife what I had done. Yes, well after having done it. She freaked. She was worried I had poisoned myself. Made me think something might be lurking waiting to explode or devour me from the inside and kill me. That made me worry more than a little.

I called the poison control center

They asked about my symptoms.


They asked me how recently did I do this. Over a week ago. They then read a list of reactions a person could possibly experience at the moment of exposure. I experienced absolutely nothing at all related to following this protocol, aside from the heavy burping.

And here’s something that made me flip… poison control said if I have no reactions (i.e. am not allergic) to this product I’m not going to have any reactions because this is a ‘natural’ product. I never expected to hear poison control use the word ‘natural’ let alone tell me a person would d have to be allergic for this protocol to be a problem.

What this means is just like some people are allergic to peanut butter or tree nuts and others are not, the same is true of this natural protocol. This is further proof we are being lied to.

Poison controls words are completely different than the info listed on the warning labels. According to the warnings this stuff is deadly for everyone. Untrue. At least according to poison control those warnings are untrue. The proof does not end there. My own experiences proves the labels are a lie. And the experiences from my father and several ‘old timers’ I spoke to about this protocol all prove the same. We are being lied to to keep us away from natural cures. Every one of the ‘old timers’ said their parents forced this protocol on them when they were growing up. It didn’t kill anyone.

But why would poison control keep track of this product at all?

When poison control gave me a further rundown of potential reactions they said even if a person has a reaction, there’s nothing to do aside from lay them on an emergency room bed and watch them for six hours, let the clock run out, and then send them home. Being natural there is no emergency ‘neutralizer’ needed to undo any effects of this protocol. If a person is allergic they treat the allergy symptom. No other treatment is needed.

So much for being deadly. It isn’t.

Some People Never Learn…

Despite the call to poison control and the reassurances from others my wife admitted that if she had known in advance what I was planning she would have tried some way somehow of stopping me. That’s because ‘common knowledge’ [i.e. propaganda] says this should have killed me. Obviously it didn’t.

So… with these reassurances from poison control and family and friends who’ve done the same…I tried the protocol twice more. [my poor wife]

Result? More burping and then a surprise latent effect…

In over 15 years I have not been able to stand or sit without knee pain. At times when it was taking too long for me to unfold my locked joints on my own when standing others have rushed over thinking they needed to help me to stand. Standing from a seated position sometimes made me look and feel feeble in the knees. My wife often remarked that at times like that I moved like an old man. Yes, I felt like an old man when that happened.

Well the protocol changed all that. All by surprise. I had no idea it would reveal the problem was fixable and not require surgery.

Here’s what happened.

One day I went into the bathroom and bent my knees and just sat down, normal as anyone else might. Without pain and without a need to brace myself for bending my knees for seating. WTH I thought!?!? That was weird. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still pretty dang limber for my age. But it just hurt to sit or stand from being stationary too long. Well after noticing there was no knee pain I immediately stood up. Then sat down again. Same thing. No pain. I kept sitting and standing so many times I got distracted from what I went in there for. Honestly. That’s how surprised I was.

Skipping About Like A Child

I next went into the kitchen (fully clothed of course) and told my wife, “watch this.” I deep knee squatted and stood up. I did it over and over again. Fast. She was a bit amazed and shocked. She asked unbelievably how that happened. It was common knowledge that I could not stand or squat without pain. But here I was doing so as if this is as natural for me to stand and squat as a little child. I told her I could only guess it had something to do with the protocol I followed. But I wasn’t sure.

So I went on an online hunt for more information. Sure enough, one of the outdated ‘cures’ for joint pains and arthritis (which it seems I may have unknowingly inherited from my father at an early age) was this protocol.

Of course, anyone could claim the result was purely psychosomatic had I been expecting this as a result in advance. But mind you, I had no idea this protocol was used for such treatments. And I could not stand or squat for years without pain. Nor did I suspect my joint pains may have anything to do with arthritis or anything else that might be treatable.

All along I had surmised my pains were related to motorcycle crashes or biking or ski accidents [yeah, I was a clumsy risk-taker growing up]. I had previously resolved myself into believing these pains would lead to eventual surgery as the only cure. Thank goodness I was wrong.

Two Weeks And Still Breathing

Well, it has been over two weeks ago that I first noticed the joint pain was gone. Totally gone. And it has been just as long since I last tested this protocol. Still no knee pains when squatting or standing. No more leveraging my arms as if doing ‘dips’ to push myself off of chairs. No more stalking a room for chairs with arms so I could avoid looking like an old man when it came time to standing from a seated position in public.

I can now stand and sit without pain, just like everyone else. I could also jump and land without pain. Something I could not do by the time my kids reached junior high school years ago.

Long-term, I’ve no idea what this protocol will lead to. Maybe it will kill me. Maybe it won’t. I suspect as poison control center said, this will have no negative impact on me whatsoever. instead, in the short-term it’s provided improved health and flexibility. A curse I’m more than willing to accept right now.

*If you are looking for Candida or cancer natural cures, please keep in mind I’m not a doctor nor a medical professional of any kind. I do not give medical advice. So do not take my results or experience as medical advice. Do your own due diligence and seek the advice of a qualified licensed professional. This is the protocol I tested. NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK AND NOT MY CLIENT. I’d give you my client’s link because his product covers many more protocol’s. But I provided a non-disclosure agreement, as I do with all clients. So this non-client link is the best I can offer.

Attention Marketers

Do you have a natural product that actually works? Having trouble getting it to market? Maybe I can help. Though I refuse to write simply for money, I am passionate about ‘sticking it to big-pharma’ …especially in cases where truth has been withheld from the public. You can reach me here if you want to work with an ethical, honest copywriter who loves natural cures and products.