Nadia Petrova & Gun Ownership

Fitness model Nadia Petrova asked her Twitter followers,

“Hey guys I need help please. I’m writing an informative paper about 3 positive things of owning a gun. What you thinking? Thanks!”

@NadiaaPetrova, since space on Twitter is so limited I’ve posted my comments here instead.

My views may be biased. I began hunting about the age of 11 and got my first hunting license after completing a hunting certification class at the age of 12 (yeah, they used to do that back in the day). Hunting is no longer my thing though. I now get queasy having to clean anything I killed. Maybe I’ve gone soft since spent too many years away from my young farm life and since meat is so much more plentiful just a couple blocks away at the grocery store — no killing or gross cleaning required. I still am armed in case ever do return to hunting. Not likely though, I hope.

Anyhow here are my three positive points on gun ownership:

  1. you can catch and kill your dinner, if desperate and live near a wooded area
  2. you gain a (false) sense of security if home alone and some fool thinks to break in…or tries to
  3. if you like hiking and backpacking in isolated deep forested areas you have protection from wild animals, provided your aim is good and you react quickly enough

Those are my three points in favor of owning a firearm. Not sure if these are the kinds of things you had in mind or not.

If you are looking for a few solid stats about the pros of gun ownership, check out the articles and pdf’s on Front Sight’s site. Lots of good info there about the value of proper gun training and ownership.

I hope this helps.

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PS: I am NOT open to everyone and his brother having a gun. Clearly there are some folks who shouldn’t be allowed even to have soap bubble guns. Too unstable. But since no one on earth can read someone else’s mind to know who is going to go crazy and who isn’t, I guess we’re stuck with the gun law arrangement we now have :/