A Marketing Plan That Works

I know something about you.

Really. I do.

If you are searching Google for marketing information you are looking for a marketing plan that works.

How do I know this about you?

Almost everyone who has landed on my site for the first time initially searched Google for information explaining the difference between a marketing plan and a business plan. Odds are if you were referred here by Google you were looking for something similar too.

Second to that topic is direct mail sales letters and then sales letter templates. But I’ll reserve those topics for other posts.

Let me tell you something. When it comes to creating marketing plans, the biggest challenge isn’t finding enough information. The greatest pain is finding the right information.

Trying to uncover straight-forward honest information to put a plan together from scratch can be a nightmare. It’s easy to waste hours, days, weeks, and in some cases months trying to get this right.

I’ve seen it happen again and again. People are well intentioned. But the realities of collecting data and making sense of it can be overwhelming. The plans don’t get created. Though intentions were good, the goal of creating a plan eventually gets moved right back to the ‘someday’ pile.

Well, recently I found a faster real world way to create a plan than trying to do so by hand. This is a way that helps nearly anyone put together a marketing plan that works. The nice thing is, this all takes place in as little as 15 minutes – or less. No more worrying about ‘someday’ getting a plan created.

Because this customizable direct approach to plan creation has worked for many people I’m fairly certain this marketing plan software will work for you and your business too. Large or small.

Watch this software in action. The video is kind of over the top, but still, you can see how the software works here:

Of course I could be wrong. Maybe this software is not for you. It isn’t for everyone. Fortunately if I am wrong it will not cost you anything to give the software a try and find out. That’s because there’s a free demo available to download.

You can go ahead and see for yourself if a customizable off-the-shelf solution such as this software may be the ticket you are looking for or not.

Oh. This marketing plan software I’m recommending is NOT created by my company. The software company is based out of Spain. And they work with big enterprises like the Microsoft Small Business Centre in Spain.

To be clear, the software actually competes against me in a small specific area of market planning — creating simple action based marketing plans.

So why would a consultant bother telling you about a software product if that products competes against him? Is that dumb? Not at all. I know first of all that not everyone is in the market to invest five figures to have a custom ‘done for you’ marketing plan and marketing creative delivered to them from me on a silver platter. Not every small business has that kind of money.

And second, I know if that describes you, you will keep searching Google until you eventually find this marketing action plan anyways. Actually, that’s how I found the software program in the first place too. By searching and learning more about a few of my competitors. This software just happened to turn up during that search. No point in me denying its existence. You’d eventually find the software anyways. So I share the info.

And there’s a third reason I have no problem recommending the software. English is not the authors’ first language. Though the software turns out valid marketing action plans (not business plans), the English grammar isn’t as solid as the language used by us native English speakers. So if you are someone who trips over others who speak valid English words that are not quite grammatically accurate, you’ll turn to hiring me anyways. The plan is not right for you. Only those who can handle communicating with others who are new to English will like the output of this software.

That said, grab your copy of the Marketing Plan Software Demo. Put the software through its paces. If you are like most new visitors to my site this software probably provides the exact actionable marketing plan you’ve been searching for. But for everything else more custom…of course…I recommend… me ;)

Warmly yours,

PS: I learned of this software quite some time ago. I was so impressed with its simplicity I decided to become one of their affiliates. This is a simple software program. Designed exclusively for creating marketing action plans, not business plans.
PPS: Because a demo is available I can recommend the software without reservation. No risk to you. Either the software is what you are looking for or it isn’t.

WARNING: As I mentioned earlier the developers are from Spain. English is not the authors’ first language. As anyone from other countries can attest…we Americans often word things differently than folks in other countries, and vice verse. So expect a few English grammar errors. This in no way decreases the value or the marketing plan.