IT Outsourcing Marketing Plan for Fast Growth

Is yours an IT outsourcing company?

Well, Google knows something you don’t know…

Google knows exactly how much free and useful information is buried within this site that commercial service providers can benefit from. Most visitors never realize the depth of information I published here over the past four or five years. There’s just too much content to list in a simple sidebar.

That’s why I want Google to uncover for you the components of my fast growth marketing action blueprint.

The blueprint promises this as a start…

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a profitable marketing action plan. In fact, there’s more of a science than an art to creating great marketing plans. Even large consulting agencies follow a ‘script’ for uncovering opportunities for their clients.

If you’ve ever found it difficult to free up time from the normal daily grind of ‘putting out fires’ to increase sales dramatically, these nine marketing steps will save you months of digging. (actually the material has now expanded to include 12 key steps)

Check out each entry of the >> marketing action plan << and see the value for yourself.

Google has not organized the material sequentially. However, all the information is there. I recommend working through each of the 12 blueprint suggestions.

Start with Marketing Blueprint – Part4 – Increasing Customer Retention/Reduce Attrition

Then work through these:

Marketing Blueprint – Part1 – Attracting New Clients

Marketing Blueprint – Part2 – Increasing The Frequency Of Client Purchases

By going through all 12 steps you’ll walk away with a powerful marketing action plan and you will know something Google doesn’t — how to create a custom marketing plan unique to your specific business and your unique circumstances. That’s something only you know, whether you realize it or not.

So work through the tips. You’ll benefit yourself if you do. However if you want direct assistance at this contact me. We’ll work together to create a custom marketing action plan that will work fast for you.

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