Off Topic: It never Rains In California – That’s A Lie!

First week of this month we were hit with a ton or rain in a very short time. All at once the sky darkened and a flood of rain and hail came pouring down. At one point we had zero visibility while driving. Traffic came to a stand still. Moments later I grabbed my cell phone (yeah, while I was driving — bad citizen!!) and captured a couple quick pictures. Glad I did. I doubt anyone would have believed this first shot.

In the first picture below you can clearly see the rainbow is in the street right in front of me. It is to the lower right of the windshield of our Sienna. Unfortunately I see no pot of gold there. Guess I’ll have to keep looking. Or build my own golden nest egg :p

This second picture is just a moment later, after the clouds drifted away. Gosh. Couldn’t be 15 – 20 minutes difference between the two shots. The sky became a vibrant blue. Was kind of incredible really. This cell phone camera sucks. It couldn’t capture the colors that were in the direction of the sun though. Pictures appeared to be darkened silhouetts instead of capturing the colors coming off the ocean. At least I was able to capture these two pictures despite the low pixel quality of the Samsung camera phone.

One other picture I failed to capture had two layers of clouds and what looked like glowing finger tips of God coming through. Was the most impressive rays of sunshine cloud scene I think I’ve ever seen.

Couldn’t get the shot though because traffic was too busy. I was driving in one of those ‘no stopping any time’ zones. Otherwise I would have stopped and taken the shot. Later I watched local news to see if anyone had submitted a picture of it to the weather folks. No such luck. Opportunity lost :(

Anyhow, I’ll take our Central Coast rain over anyone else’s any day. Is mild and short lived rain here. Nothing to complain about at all. Very mild climate almost all year round.

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