I Told You So!

Yesterday I warned the world was NOT going to end on 12-12-2012.

Here’s a partial reminder of what I said:

As I sit here listening to fire trucks blaze by from fire station #2 near Priesker Park I’ve decided to have an “End Of World” ‘firesale.’ This is partly a way of thumbing my nose to the end-of-life prognosticators who say this is the last day of life for you and me.

I don’t believe life ends today. I believe the fear mongers are wrong. If I am right that means tomorrow we will be forced to face the decisions we made today—and forced to relive the opportunities we missed.

Well, we are all still here. At least most of us are. Maybe some people died yesterday. Their world may have ended — and that’s sad. But clearly the world did not end for the rest of us.

Looking back one day, how did you do? Did you use the day to make the most of life? Or did you, like many people, just let life pass you by while going through life reacting to mini-fires (or not so mini fires) instead of living proactively?

The pattern you showed yesterday for “the last day of the world” likely is the same pattern you will show for all of 2013.

This year is nearly over. A new year is about to begin. What are your business goals for 2013? To increase sales? To get more traffic online? To increase online and offline conversions? To generate more leads? To increase the number of stores you own? If you are like most entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to, probably all of the above.

So let me ask you, do you have systems in place to meet your 2013 goals? If so, great. If not then isn’t it time to get started now? Why wait for the world to end before putting a rush on your life goals? Someday it really might be too late to make a difference. Then how will you feel?