Off Topic: How To Make Homemade Mayonnaise

Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with business. So I posted it in my ‘off topic’ category.

Anyone who knows me knows I love mayonnaise. Maybe not to the extent that Under Cover Brother learned to love mayonnaise, but still, I love the stuff on my sandwiches and burgers. The more mayo ooze the better. Definitely not a healthy way of eating.

On the rare occasions my wife and I go to Carl’s Jr. she always gives me whichever burger has the most stuff oozing out of it. She can’t stand messy burgers. We are opposites in that area of dining.

Anyhow I also love to cook and search for and experiment with new recipes I find online and offline.

Well, one day lo and behold I accidentally came across a butt-easy way to make fresh mayo. And it was claimed to be good too. I was doubtful. In my mind mayo is something that must be made in a factory under stringent scientific testing standards. Not something that could be made at home. How wrong I was.

Here’s how homemade mayo looks when finished. I’ve also included a few shots of what you will need.

Up close shot of finished mayo (notice the natural sunlight bathing and highlighting the purity of this delicious concoction with a glow that makes your mouth just water — or not):

Ingredients needed:

How long did it take to ‘make’ the mayonnaise?

I timed it. Took just 3 minutes and 12 seconds. Honest. That quick. And it tastes way better than store bought mayonnaise.

Oh. The three minutes and 12 seconds does not account for the time to bring the ingredients together or the five minutes I let the stuff sit before coming back to it.

And of course, it doesn’t include the time I took for taking pictures and gloating over how easy and tasty this is :p

So, if you love mayo or need mayo in a pinch don’t bother running off to the store. Try this recipe instead. You will probably be shocked to find how easy and quick it is to make!


  • Add an egg white to a bowl. Add one tablespoon white vinegar to the egg white and let it sit for five minutes.
  • Add a pinch of salt. 1/4 teaspoon Colman’s dry mustard. Experiment with the mustard more or less to suit your taste.
  • Whip these ingredients with a hand mixer (as shown in the picture) until the ingredients build a small froth, sort of like the soap bubbles garden snails make when you put salt on them (I’m kidding!!!).
  • Then when the froth is done slowly pour in up to a cup of vegetable oil or canola oil. You need to watch this because no two eggs whites are 100% identical. The amount of oil you use will vary. Stop adding oil when your mayo reaches the consistency you want. I rarely use a full cup of oil.

3:12 seconds later you have your mayo!!

Don’t freak if nothing happens when you add just a few tablespoons of oil, that isn’t enough to do anything but make more ‘soap bubbles’. It’s the emulsifying action that takes place when enough oil is added that this becomes mayo. I know.
I threw out several batches thinking it wasn’t working, until I found out later I failed to add enough oil to make anything happen.

Also, do not use olive oil. At least not to start the emulsifying action. The whirling of olive oil causes the bitter molecules to separate from the good molecules in olive oil. You end up with gross tasting olive oil that way. Instead, if you plan to use olive oil, get the process started with canola oil or vegetable oil, then add olive oil to continue the process. But do not start with olive oil. I tried it despite many warnings. It tastes gross.

That’s it. Now go make some mayo of your own.

Oh. This stuff needs to be refrigerated because of the egg white and lack of preservatives [I guess that’s the only thing store bought has on homemade mayo]. I’ve read three days is max for storing mayo. But since this is a food product I’ve tested several refrigerated batches up to two weeks in a very cold fridge. No spoilage issues. But to be safe you probably shouldn’t take that same risk. Best to maybe make no more than you are likely to use in two or three days.

Enjoy :)

PS: I don’t recall all the websites or videos I came across that showed me about homemade mayonnaise. Otherwise I’d link to them and give credit where credit is due. My ‘recipe’ though is not exact to anyone I came across though. I tested several and the above is what I settled on as being best for my tastes.

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