How To Grow Your Company

Small businesses are under attack…

  • We are facing an unprecedented age of skepticism
  • Competitors from countries formerly viewed as insignificant are now stealing opportunities that can be outsourced, automated, or easily undercut
  • Advertising no longer works as it once did. The costs have increased ten fold over the past few years, whereas its effectiveness has decreased significantly. The low return (if any) against high costs rarely justifies the expense
  • The US economy is nearing a recession, if it’s not already in one. And the credit crisis has placed a chokehold on consumers that has caused a damaging domino effect that has impacted small businesses and corporations

These threats present potential problems and opportunities…

While we believe many small businesses will severely suffer from economic slowdowns a few will see marked increases depending on the way they market their companies and the products and services they choose to offer.

The greatest impact will come from shifting focus away from daily operational activities to smart, low-cost and no cost marketing activities that produce high returns on time and capital investment.

Where does your company stand? Do you often feel your company is overwhelmed with ‘must do’ operational activities that prevent you from having the time to perform critical marketing tasks? Or do you feel the explosion of information has left you feeling too close to the forest to see the trees…the marketing opportunities that will make a real difference and not just add to your time burden? Perhaps we can help…

Designing business growth plans for small businesses is our specialty. Our approach to small business marketing involves a combination of online and offline methods that compliment one another without the need to spend more money on ads.

These dynamic approaches will:

  • Generate High Quality Leads
  • Optimize Client Relationships And Increase Buying Frequency
  • Boost Sales Conversions And Referrals
  • Improve Customer Loyalty And Retention
  • Leverage Online And Offline Marketing Opportunities For Increased Sales

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What Business Growth Opportunities Would You Like to See In Your Company Today?

I want to increase the frequency, volume, and profits from existing clients

I want to attract and convert more local or national traffic into increased sales (ROI)

Our focus is helping businesses grow by using a variety of marketing approaches that attract and convert high quality prospects into sales both online and offline.

Choose any combination of our services to create your own unique marketing plan – or click on one of the strategies above to learn more about how you can grow your business.

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