Double Sales In 180 Days
Without Significant Increases In Budget

Here is a solution for producing rapid sales growth without investing five-figures or more into a custom marketing program. In fact, just as one-plus-one always equal two this business growth method is mathematically proven to double profits in as little as 180 days. Period.


Yes I hear you. But it’s true. Nearly any company can double and boost profits relatively quickly by following a few but very specific systematic processes. This is especially true if they are not already walking this path. To prove it all I ask is you hold off on making judgments until you finish reading this page.

Can you consider even remotely the slight possibility that there may be ways of increasing sales and profits that you are not currently using?

The biggest problem with this marketing method isn’t its approach. And it isn’t a question of whether the marketing system works or not. The biggest problem is getting business owners and direct marketers to look at the process in the first place.

The thing is most people in business automatically balk at the idea that profits can be doubled for their company in ways other than the marketing they are using now. If you are anything like the rest of the world you probably think this way too. Marketing leader Jay Abraham coined this view as marketing myopia. Tunnel vision. This problem unfortunately is universal. You are not alone. And it is not your fault. At least not entirely.

In a moment though I’ll outline the exact cut-and-paste tool to use to make all this happen. But for now let me first give you the background philosophy behind this method. Until the method is clear nothing else will make sense.

A Proven Approach to Rapid Sales Growth

There is an ancient philosophy that promotes the value of constant and never ending incremental improvement. How does this philosophy apply to business?

By taking a formulaic approach to constant and systematic marketing improvements it is possible to double nearly any company’s profits in 180 days or less. This is not rocket science. The process does require adherence to a very structured process of marketing, though. (think one-plus-one).

To hire a freelance marketing consultant who’s worth his salt to outline a specific marketing program along these lines could easily cost in the area of $25,000 or more. That’s a bargain compared to spending $250,000 plus royalties to hire a famous name ‘guru’ marketer to put such a marketing plan in place for you. I’m not kidding here. I’ve checked their fees. Ouch. Heck, I’d charge $250,000 upfront plus commissions too if I could justify the value to others. Maybe.

Nah. There is a better first step than investing that kind of money. It is a cut-and-paste tool that makes increases in sales and profit happen.

Here are a few details.

  • teaches the value of constant improvement in marketing without the over-the-top promotional hype so common online
  • teaches without concealing critical information (as most so called how to guides do–so you pay more later)
  • the program is cut and paste simple
  • the program is also educational

Why is this final point important? Education is the difference between giving a person a fish for a day compared to teaching them how to fish for themselves for a lifetime. You are strengthening your business for fast sales increases while improving your own marketing know-how to use again and again in any business you become involved with in the future too.

Seeking Perfection…

However that is not to say the system I have in mind is perfect. It is not perfect. The author fails to delve as deeply into the power of compounding incremental improvements as I recommend to clients in my Total Marketing Package. What I mean is you can achieve linear growth through constant improvement (as Alexi teaches in the course below) or you can pursue exponential growth as I outline to clients.

Either approach will increase sales and profits. Exponential growth –growth that compounds upon itself– has greater upside potential. With exponential growth you’ll make more money and gain greater overall ROI when properly implemented.

  • A Total Marketing Package is a custom personalized done-for-you marketing plan
  • A Total Marketing Package includes custom marketing collateral
  • There isn’t an attached educational system to work through or to implement on your own. The upside is you hit the ground running much faster because all the work of delivering custom materials specific to your business is done for you. You just put the pieces into play.
  • However because an exponential growth approach requires a bit more customization than the no-brainer cut-and-paste approach recommended below, a greater financial commitment is required compared to a prepackaged cut-and-paste plan. 

As I said (and as if you couldn’t tell) my preferred method of growth for established companies is found in my Total Marketing Package.

Not everyone is in a position to invest five-figures to get their hands on a custom marketing action plan and custom marketing materials. The marketing system outlined below is the next best option.

The early bird may get the worm… but the second mouse gets the cheese!

In the ‘old school’ days of business, people were taught if they were great technicians they simply needed to hang out their shingles, work on ‘building better mousetraps,’ and their businesses would grow as if by magic. Rarely if ever was any serious discussion of marketing addressed on the level we are discussing here.

In the real world the person who builds a better marketing vehicle wins. Rarely does this involve creating anything new. It involves following in the steps of proven processes.

Let me ask you… can you consider even remotely the slight possibility that there may be ways of increasing sales and profits that others are now using and profiting from that you yourself are not currently using? Methods that perhaps you may have closed your eyes to without actually proving the results to yourself one way or the other?

If so I wholeheartedly recommend Kaizen Marketing System’s systematic approach to rapid growth as an alternative to hiring me to deliver a customized ‘done for you’ lead generation and business growth package. There’s little risk to you. In fact, if Alexi’s cut-and-paste marketing system should somehow fail you can simply get 100% of your money back. The details are on his site. So on that note…

Click Here To Double Your Sales And Profits In As Little As 180 Days!

Affiliate notice. The above link leads to an affiliate offer, meaning I may receive a commission for the recommendation if you buy from my link. But I did not know this system was an affiliate product when I originally wrote this blog post. I found out months later during the process of tracking down the author to ask a couple of interview questions to hear his viewpoints on a marketing concept. While traversing his site I inadvertently found the affiliate information and changed my link, months after this post was written. You can trust this recommendation. Do your own due diligence of course though so you feel comfortable ordering.

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