How to create powerful guarantees

When it comes to guarantees in copy there are three choices I’ve noticed.

  • Option 1, no guarantee.
  • Option 2, a vague or boring ‘copycat’ guarantee.
  • Option 3, a compelling winning guarantee.

Option 1, no guarantee

This is most common form of guarantee I’ve noticed in businesses–none. Some people are so afraid of getting ripped off they refuse to offer guarantees unless forced to by a parent company. They fail to realize guarantees are so powerful at boosting response the boost in sales overshadows losses from refund junkies exponentially. A 300% increase in response from a well-chosen guarantee is not uncommon. Whereas refund junkies comprise fewer than 3% of total sales volume. Letting that 3% refund rate limit your income is like saying you’d rather avoid 297% increase in sales because of possible fear of 1% to 3% ‘losses’ from refund thieves. Really? You are willing to cut off your head to spite your foot? Sounds crazy. But reality is this is the position most people who refuse to offer guarantees take. There is rarely a comparison between the increased growth and the few losses from the few ‘scumbags’ who make a habit of deliberately ripping others off by exploiting guarantees. If you are not now using guarantees I strongly recommend you reconsider.

Option 2, a vague or boring ‘copycat’ guarantee

This is the second most common guarantee. These guarantees all sound and look alike. What one company or offer says, the others say too. When a prospective client or prospective purchaser sees all guarantees as the same what basis remains for making a decision? Price. Whoever offers the lowest price usually wins. This is horrible way of doing business. Unless you are a Wal-Mart who controls wholesale profit margins of the products you buy, being the low price leader is a bad idea. Always. A better idea is to compete on value. Offering a strong compelling guarantee is one way of doing so.

Option 3, a compelling winning guarantee

Few companies offer a compelling guarantee that sets them apart from other companies or offers. Those who offer unique guarantees usually win the value war.

Here’s a guarantee I’m using on one of my offers. This guarantee goes beyond a simple boring ‘money back guarantee’ statement. I give a basis for determining satisfaction–increased sales, leads, and revenues.

An unbelievable guarantee…

If you are an established direct response marketer here is a no-risk offer for you…
I guarantee you will bring in more leads and sales from working with me. After all, why bother hiring a consultant if the results you see are the same (or worse than) the results you are seeing now? No other arrangement makes sense. Your Total Marketing Package will augment your current marketing plan. And may require 12 to 18 months to fully implement. This is an indication of how extensive your custom marketing package is.

  • Not only that but I will also guarantee the revenues generated from your Total Marketing Package will exceed any fees or retainers you pay to me.
  • And what if I should fail to immediately breach through to success? Let me detail the explicit countermeasure I put in place to reduce risk to you…..

    I will continue to work for you at no additional expense for up to 18 months until your Total Marketing Package does increase revenues or leads. Or until we both agree this is a wash. Whichever is reached soonest. Imagine having a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant working for you basically ‘on staff’ for up 18 months without having to take an extra dime out of pocket to pay him. You take no risks with your business. And you do more to ensure your success.

    With a bold two-part guarantee like this surely you must be thinking there is a catch. You are right. There are three. Well get to those in a moment.

    You can read more about this gurantee and the ‘teaser’ cliffhanger in its entirety on my About Me page. This discussion continues there.