Are you out of the Loop about Web Design and Hosting Scams?

Thinking of launching your first website for your ‘brick and mortar’ business?

Fine. But before you jump in heed these warnings about the three most common web hosting and design dangers almost everyone falls for the first time they seek to build a website for their offline business.

How to avoid getting conned into paying for services you do not need…or worse do not actually receive

There’s something about this industry I really hate.

I see it happening again and again. Many small business owners have paid anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 or more per year to get and keep simple local websites online. Plus they may be coughing up anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to several thousand dollars a month for so-called ‘ongoing’ marketing services. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about continuity when there is fair exchange in value. That’s not what is going on here. I’m talking about scams that are nothing more than than smoke and mirrors. Highway robbery.

As a marketer getting away with charging small business owners $5,000 to $20,000 or more per year for ‘web hosting and design’ is easy to pull off.

A design firm simply needs to position these ridiculously high local marketing fees against fees major corporations are spending for online marketing. Probably all of us have at some time heard of major corporations paying hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to buy or build a global website. So paying $400-$500 a month ($5000+ over the course of a year) doesn’t sound like much by comparison.

But here’s the thing…small businesses do not have the same marketing or maintenance needs of larger businesses. So comparing fees between the two is like comparing apples to ostriches. Two different creatures entirely.

Lets get dirty…

Why does this matter? It’s because an industry dirty secret is to crank up web design service fees (and profits) by charging for ongoing monthly services that are never delivered. Services that are available ‘if’ something should happen. Presented as a safety net.

Once everything is setup instead of paying ongoing for ‘safety nets’ you should handle managing your site yourself. You save money and gain greater control of your site. But if you decided not to go that route then at least consider paying for services only when services are needed. Avoid paying for services that are unlikely ever rendered.

This is no little thing. There are a several fast growing independent agencies that make millions charging for services that are never rendered. They have a schedule of services they deliver if you jump through their pre-planned hoops. They understand you are too busy running your company to follow through.

Get that monkey off your back…

They put the burden of accountability on you. Those unscrupulous design and marketing companies get paid month after month after month ‘through no fault on their part’. This is a carefully orchestrated scam. Heck, I’ve been told if I charge the same way I could also earn $200,000 or more per month for work that’s not actually delivered. No thank you. I like being able to sleep at night with both eyes closed.

About Andre Bell
Andre strives to help marketers discover the near-immediate impact of honest ethical marketing practices. He has advised hundreds of business owners on how to keep their dignity as they implement direct response marketing methods that work. Andre is one of only a handful of remaining professionals who can boast having become an online marketer a decade before the World Wide Web came into existence. And as a serial entrepreneur Andre launched his first direct mail business around the age of 12-years old. He has been building and advising ever since.

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