Death Scare: Getting Back To Business

“The surgeon warned us not to expect miracles.

He said on a scale of 1 to 5, five being death, she was at a four. And if by some chance she did survive, we were to expect her to be paralyzed on one side, if not worse off.”

Nearly a year ago one of my in-laws suffered a brain aneurysm.

To save her life, Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara kept her in a drug-induced coma for two months. Of course, on the morning of the aneurysm we immediately agreed to take in her then 13 year old and extremely distraught daughter. Being the youngest of two daughters and the only one living with her mom, our niece wanted to see her mother daily. Every day was expected to be the last. So one or more of us traveled round trip with my niece to Santa Barbara nearly every day for six months straight. Weekdays and weekends.

The recovery was touch and go. Every time the medical team tried bringing my in-law out of the coma she began to approach death.

Doctors Astounded By The Power Of Human Will

Well, after several months of therapy and recovery assistance, she was released to us. She didn’t die. But unfortunately it seemed she was partially handicapped both physically and mentally. But not as severe as was expected. At least not physically.

During her several months of in-facility care and outpatient therapy, my life was dedicated to helping her recover. And dedicated to helping my niece return to and maintain a semi-normal childhood. Why me? Since I work from a home office the logical conclusion was that I should be available to assist them. After all, how much trouble could it be to help her transition back to a normal life? I’d probably not even notice them there.

Well, it wasn’t easy. For any of us. 12 hour days dedicated to chauffeuring the two of them. Medical appointments as early as 6:30 a.m. and appointments and care lasting until late evenings with multiple therapy appointments, SSI appointments, shopping for them, and toting her around to a number of pharmacies and government and court agencies and taking my niece to and from school and after-school activities left me with little time for much of anything else. Literally more than 12 hours a day were spent caring for the two of them. Often way more. So I avoided taking on any new clients while they were with us. Adding more work would have been irresponsible. If not impossible.

In the end I feel all this self-sacrificing effort may have been for naught.

The Secret To Success Is
Accepting Help When It Appears

While with us, she continued to resist help and tried secretly pursing the bad lifestyle that may have lead to the aneurysm in the first place. She is pursuing a self-destructive course that is putting herself and anyone around her at serious risk. And she wants it that way. So we kicked her out. Twice. Hoping she’d clean up her life and straighten up. That didn’t happen. So it looks like the second time is for good.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I’d do just about anything to help them out. So if I thought for a moment giving my in-law another chance would make a difference, I would. But as it turns out, it isn’t what she wants. She wants her former destructive lifestyle. And she schemed and near violently conspired to get back to it. A year of my life on hiatus, wasted.

Now, as of this writing, I do not have a single active client beyond my own online product sales and affiliate promotions. I guess you can say I’m transitioning back too. But back into the consulting life.

So I decided to do something unusual as a way to get started at returning to consulting.

Positive Proof This Works

Since I specialize in helping companies turn more prospects –lookers and shoppers– into paying customers, I’ve decided to offer a special LIMITED TIME “proof of concept” offer to those who qualify…

As a freelance consultant operating a boutique consulting agency I can manage no more than around 15 or 16 full scale consulting projects each year. And that’s fine by me. Since I truly enjoy helping others [when they are willing to accept help] I aim to quickly help a handful of new clients systematically improve their businesses.

To prove it, I’m offering a 30 day “Try Before You Buy” profit improvement program. The aim is to show tangible improvements within those first 30 days. During the first 30 days I will not consider anyone a client unless we can show tangible improvements. We can stop at this point and there’s no charge for my consulting services.

However, when the results are proven, I will invite those who qualify into a full scale 12 to 18 month consulting program designed to double profits within 18 months or sooner.

Of course this means those I work with must be committed to augmenting the marketing they are already doing or making any necessary changes to solve whatever marketing problem they may be facing. As you can imagine, I must be very selective in choosing people and companies I work with. Being selective insures I work only with people who are committed to improvement.

How To Diagnose Business Problems
Without Risking A Penny

Some people say we can’t pick our family but we can pick our friends and associates. That’s exactly what I intend to do. The last thing I’d want is to repeat the past year, dealing with anyone who doesn’t truly want to accept help.

So I’m seeking to rebuild my boutique agency with two types of clients. The first either has a website that isn’t working as well as they’d like and the second is looking to improve some other area of their sales or marketing processes, whether online or offline.

If this describes you, let’s talk.

And if you know of other business owners who might fall into either description, please let me know. I’d love to speak with them to see if I might be able to help them out. Worse thing that’ll happen is we chat about some marketing ideas and they get just a few good ideas…and at best they might get a chance to increase their sales and profits substantially.

My normal fee for a website marketing critique is $500. And my business evaluations are $800. But since my 27-year anniversary is in a few weeks–and for one week I’m going to be away and unavailable– I’ll offer the evaluation and critique to select business owners for free. Complimentary. No charge. Perhaps I’ll pick up a new client or two. And perhaps they’ll walk away with some valuable marketing ideas.

To find out if you or someone you know qualifies complete the form below to enter your questions and comments and to set up an appointment with me. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Andre Bell

Note: Now that I’ve posted this information I’m next going to contact my past clients and prospective clients. When my schedule is once again full this page will be amended or the information completely removed. So if a complimentary marketing evaluation is something you or a business owner you know might be interested in, contact me right away.

Update, this free offer is now full. You can however still contact me to check possible availability to help you with your online or offline marketing activities.

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