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Warning! The material in this course is NOT provided simply for you to read…the material is provided for you to use.

If you only read this information your business is no better tomorrow than it was yesterday. More than just reading is required. But where do you begin?

Since there is so much that I want to share with you one of the hardest decisions for me to make in designing this course was determining just that…where to begin?

Unlike an offline course where you can flip to specific sections, an online course that is released over time is not as flexible. At least not until you receive all the pieces.

That’s why I want to make certain everything in this course is information you can begin using in your business starting today.

Through my online surveys (that you probably have participated in) I’ve found that most people have come to my site and joined my course looking for ways to improve specific areas of their businesses, specific marketing approaches they are already using. Few are looking for new ways to make money. They simply want to make what they are now doing and doing badly, work.

If you’re like most visitors you have not given much thought to seeking:

  • new ways to attract more clients
  • new ways to get referrals
  • new ways to get existing clients to buy more

You simply want to make what is currently failing, work. or make what is now working work better.

First Things First…

So I figured the first place to start is to make certain we are on the same page.

This course will show you many ways to make more money and gain greater success with what you’re now doing. It will also show you new ways to market your business that you may not have considered before now.

That way there’s something useful for everyone.

One of the greatest challenges to effectively marketing a business is determining which marketing methods will really work for your business. A lot of money is wasted experimenting.

So, most people look at what their competitors are doing and then simply imitate that, whether good or bad.

The best marketing strategy does not involve selecting only one or two marketing approaches that we see others using.

The best marketing approach resembles an octopus.

Eight Is Enough

An octopus is very effective at catching food with eight limbs. If the octopus loses one limb it may momentarily lose some of its strength and agility, but it adapts and continues on as an effective hunter and predator.

It’s the same with marketing your business. The more marketing approaches you use simultaneously the more successful you can become and the easier it is to continue growing your company.

You will continue to thrive despite the challenges that your competitors may face. No setback in any one marketing approach will ever devastate you or pose major problems.

Despite the many options available most companies use no more than two or three marketing methods at best to grow their company.

Now You See It

Few realize that there are over 100 methods for bringing in new business, for increasing web traffic, for selling more to existing clients, and for increasing repeat sales beyond what their competitors are doing.

They basically imitate worms in their marketing attempts.

A worm’s approach to life is singular. It does not use multiple limbs, because it has none. Its existence is slow and labor-intensive. Very unlike an octopus.

The great thing about so many people acting like worms is that most of your competitors are making this same mistake too.

They may be too busy, too shorthanded, or too myopic to do much more than waste time handing out bus loads of business cards and then sit around talking ‘fish stories’ of the one that got away.

That is a marketing approach to avoid.

When All Is Said and Done

Don’t become content (or complacent) with just running an ad in the yellow pages, your local newspaper, or on the radio.

Use as many marketing methods as profitably make sense for your industry, your market, and your company. Then you will become a marketing octopus while your competitors remain marketing worms.

A Little About Me

Well, that ends my soap box about why to try multiple marketing methods..

Next I want to tell you my marketing philosophy and make sure we are on the same page there too.

The purpose of marketing and advertising is to make money. Period. It isn’t to win awards or applauds. It isn’t to gain ‘top of mind awareness’ or to build cumulative effect.

If you agree then you’re in line to make more money following the information in my marketing course than you can ever make from dealing with ad agents or image ad consultants alone.

My approach to marketing does one thing, put money into your bank account.

If you want to bore yourself to tears by reading more about me and my philosophy then go to my bio page.

Second, every time you read the word “I” anywhere in my course or other areas of my site I want you to think of the word “integrity“.

My views on marketing is if it can’t be sold honestly then you shouldn’t sell it at all. Don’t expect to find ideas on how to lie to people in my course (yes, other consultants teach that). I won’t have it. Nor will I have any dealings with anyone who feels lying is necessary to sell their product or service.

There’s always an alternative to lying… it’s called telling the truth. Besides, telling the truth humanizes you and brings people closer to you. Lying always hurts you. Especially when found out.

Why do I discuss this? Because I’ve read several ads that say the item is a hot seller, or can’t keep enough in stock, etc only to find out later the item was a complete flop. In some cases the advertiser couldn’t even make a single sale!

How would you feel about the ad writer after knowing this? How would you feel about the advertiser who ran the ad?

You would never again trust them completely. That’s why I won’t get involved in lying. Your trust is important to me, whether you ever do business with me or not.

Anyhow, read through my course to learn about using Achilles Heal and damaging omissions to boost sales. You’ll quickly realize that telling the truth is always an asset.

If you agree with my philosophy this course is for you.

What’s Next

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and are on the same page, it’s time to get into the meat of what you’ve come here looking for.

The next lesson will discuss the one strategy that can double your business now without spending a penny more than you’re now spending to market your business.

I wish you a wealth of success with this material.

Have a great day.

PS: This course explains many “rules” for copywriting and marketing. These rules work in many situations. But there are situations where you must break the rules. This is especially true when the rules no longer work or cannot work for unique circumstances. So take the rules and test them. Verify they work for you. And when they fail, break them and try something new. And if you need help, feel free to shoot me an email.

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