Free Marketing Course – Lesson #8 – Why Imprinted Ad Specialties Fail to Boost Sales

This lesson discloses the real truth about creating profitable, highly responsive marketing campaigns using imprinted ad specialty items in your business. Don’t believe the hype. This is the only way imprinted ad specialties will boost sales.

Has anyone ever sent you an ink pen or pencil through the mail that had your name on it with a letter claiming giving out magnets, coffee mugs, ink pens or pencils with your name on them can make you rich, increase customer loyalty, or increase sales?

It’s hogwash!

Despite what the sellers of those items claim, buying truckloads of those items and giving them out indiscriminately WON’T MAKE YOU RICH.

But there is a way to use those items that will make money for you.

Ad specialties can make your business stand out (to you, your mother, and maybe a few friends).

But here’s the problem…

Most Americans are exposed to some 1,700 ad impressions every single day. The mind is not prepared to process that overwhelming amount of ad impressions. The mind has other goals to work on: food, water, shelter, survival, sensual gratification (yeah, the “s” word– Starbucks), and so on.

Throwing your magnet or ink pen in someone’s face isn’t going to make them stop what they are doing (chasing after their goal for sensual gratification, power, money, riches, or just plain survival) to think much about you.

Right now I have a four pound RedVines Original Red Twist Candy barrel on my desk filled with customized pens and pencils. Not one of them did I buy. How did I get them? Other companies send me their pens or hand me a pen when I go in to do business with them.

So when I get to my office I toss the pens into the barrel and only grab one if I misplace one of my favorite pens somewhere around my house or office. I toss the imprinted pen back into the barrel when I no longer need it. So does my eight year old niece. So much for the pens building brand awareness and loyalty.

I cannot tell you off the top of my head with any certainty the name of even one company name that is imprinted on those pens and pencils.

There are too many.

Most businesses fail to understand the true value of advertising specialties. They fall into the trap (set by the sellers of ad specialties) of believing that handing out pins or magnets to everyone in arms reach will automatically build brand recognition or automatically develop strong client relationships.

It won’t.

Everyone and his brother gives away specialty items. That is a waste of money and time.

There is a way to make ad specialties work for you that most people never consider.

The secret is to tie-in the ad specialty with a strong message or story.

One of the best campaigns I’ve ever seen (and is free for you to use in your own business) is found on pages 155 to 172 of Jeffrey Dobkin book, Uncommon Marketing Techniques.

If you’re using or even thinking of using pens, pencils, magnet, coffee mugs, or any other ad specialty then you must absolutely use the perfect word-for-word example marketing campaign that Jeffrey not only details, but has already created for you. Don’t use it word-for-word though, change it in case someone else is using it too.

Hey, Jeffrey doesn’t know me, probably has never heard of me before and I’m in no way associated with him. I just know quality when I see it. And that is why I’m sharing the details with you.

If you want to create a successful marketing campaign then you must add his book Uncommon Marketing Techniques to your business library.

I’d charge you $5,000 plus a 5% royalty to create a similar campaign. But why pay that? Save yourself some serious money and adapt the marketing campaign that has already been written for you.

That is the only way to make money with Imprinted Specialty Items.

Have a great day. PS: Don’t give away another pen, pencil, magnet, mug or anything else without first looking at Jeffrey’s ad campaign. You can get a copy of his book here: Uncommon Marketing Techniques

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