Free Marketing Course – Lesson #7 – “How to Guarantee Your Way To Success

Here’s how to guarantee an increase in new sales and repeat business without taking on a dime of extra expense…

In today’s lesson I want to tell you about a marketing concept that can easily double your sales without adding a single penny in extra expense.

This proven profitable concept is freely available to every entrepreneur and business owner, yet few use it.

After I discussed this concept with one business owner he said there’s no way he’d ever tell any of his customers about this for fear that customers would rip him off.

What has been the result of his not using this concept?

Despite being in business for five years he is closing his doors and folding up shop (just letting it go out of business because it’s too unprofitable even to sell). That five year period was hell for him. He had to do all the work himself, often getting up at five o’clock every morning to start his day because he couldn’t afford to hire employees to run the business for him.

Despite avoiding the overhead of employees his business is still not profitable enough to pawn the work off on even a part-time employee. So now he has to dissolve the company so he can gain his freedom back.

What was his mistake?

He believed he could grow his business by withholding something good from his customers. That belief has backfired to the point of putting him out of business.

you’re probably wondering, what is this concept that could have turned his business around (and still can if he weren’t so miserly).

The concept is offering better-than-risk-free guarantees to clients and prospects. These are guarantees that are so appealing that your prospects end up better off from doing business with you even if they get a full refund from trying your product or service.

This is what I mean.

In one of my promotions I tested a BTRF guarantee.

I titled it “My Ironclad Better-Than-Risk-Free Bankers Guarantee”.

Instead of just saying ‘satisfaction guaranteed or your money back’ I go further.

Here’s What I Promised

Look. I was a banker for ten years (9 years, 11 months, and 22 days if you want to be technical) and I know how hard most business owners focus on earning a positive return on their dollars. That’s why I will guarantee you a 2531% greater return on your marketing dollars than if you were to stick your money into the bank and just sit on it for 12 months.

Here’s what I mean.

Right now if you’re lucky you can find a bank that is paying a 1% interest rate on the dollars you leave in their bank (most are paying half a percent or less). On your $395 investment a one-percent return works out to a measly $3.95 after 12 months, if you can get it.

I will do much much better for you.

Give me a try and if my advice fails to produce measurable, provable income in excess of any fees I might quote then not only do you owe me nothing (Zip, Zero, Nada), I will pay you $100 out of my own pocket just to thank you for giving me a try. That represents a 2531% greater payout than your banker will ever give you on the same money. And yes, even your initial interview fee will be refunded by me.

Stated another way…

Become a qualified client and give me the chance to prove you will make more money following my advice. If you don’t make more money than my quoted fee, then I refund everything—and I will pay you $100 out of my own pocket.

And here’s something even better. If you try my advice over the next six months and I refund everything to you, that $100 represents a 5062% greater payout than your bank will give you at a measly 1% per annum. (Man, I love working with numbers!)

So you see, no matter what, working with me is guaranteed money in the bank for you!”

That is my better than risk free guarantee.

Let’s analyze this for a moment.

Say a complete stranger wanders onto my site and wonders if they should become a client of mine or not. Lets say my site remains exactly as it is right now except instead of the guarantee they see, ‘I’ll do my best and hopefully you earn a return on my advice and efforts.’ But there is no guarantee you will earn a return.

How much confidence do you think they will put in working with me, a complete stranger? None.

But instead, they read my finely detailed better than risk free guarantee that promised they will end up better off at the end even if I refund every penny they ever pay me.

Now how much more confidence will they put into the offer? Tons more!

Lets face it, today’s market is extremely competitive. People are more cautious about spending money and more cautious than ever about risking money.

If you want to dominate your market you must go out on a limb and show that you believe in your products and services more than your competitors believe in theirs. You must remove all risk of doing business with you from off your prospects and put that risk onto yourself.

When you do that your sales are guaranteed to soar.

Remember that business owner I spoke of earlier? He’s the owner of a franchised business.

The sad thing is the franchise believes so strongly in the product that it guarantees customer satisfaction. The franchisee (the business owner I’m speaking of) is so afraid that people will come out of the wood works just for the guarantee and then ask for their money back that he will not let anyone know that a guarantee exists for the service. He omitted the word ‘guarantee’ from all of the marketing materials supplied by the franchise.

His fear of getting ripped off by a potential dishonest customer has driven his business into the ground.

The reality is that YES some people will rip you off just to get something for nothing. Unfortunately that’s the reality of the world we live in. However the majority of people who respond to offers do so because they sincerely want what you’re selling.

The increased sales you get from honest people who respond outweigh the con artists by more than 500 to 1.

For every new person who responds and rips you off you get at least 499 new people who are sincere about giving you their money. In some cases it can be as many as 1000 to one. The number of thieves is negligible. YOU always come out ahead as the clear winner when you offer BTRF guarantees.

Here’s why.

Customers are not stupid. Even if they can’t tell exactly what you’re holding back from them, they can tell when a business is not willing to stand behind its own product strongly enough to guarantee the product.

They can sense that if you aren’t willing to stand behind your own service enough to guarantee it they won’t be willing to risk their hard earned money to buy it.

By NOT offering guarantees you’re actually HURTING your sales.

That franchisee owner I mentioned controls a measly .58333% market share in an area where he should have 70% or 80% market share because of the clear dominating advantages the franchise offers over the competition.

People want the benefits of what he offers but will not risk the money for fear there’s a catch and fear that things are ‘too good to be true’.  Especially when there’s no guarantee.

Don’t make his mistake.

Show your clients and prospective clients that you truly believe in your products. Offer better than risk free guarantees and you will dominate your market and make more money, guaranteed.

Have a great day.

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