Free Marketing Course – Lesson #6 – How to Get to Number 1 on Google

Here’s a search engine optimization strategy that put me at#1 position on Google in only one day (less than 24 hours)…

If you have a website or affiliate program you MUST take this lesson very seriously. I found a 100% free search engine optimization software that gave me number one placement on Google against 12,500,000 competing sites–in only one day!

Here’s proof:

You can see from that picture that there are 12,500,000 pages competing for those keywords on that day. Notice in the picture that my domain is in number one position out of all of those pages!

How did this happen?

I have been testing search engine optimization and search engine submission software for more than eight years, with lackluster results.

Normally I don’t put too much stock into promises and claims about software helping to make money online. This free search engine optimization software is an exception. It totally floored me.

Here’s what happened…

On June 30th 2005, sometime near midnight I came across a link in a Google search that mentioned a free search engine optimization software. So I went looking for it.

After installation I started up the free search engine optimization software you’re about to learn about, and tested my home page to see what the software had to say.

I wasn’t expecting anything phenomenal or even useful since the hundreds of other supposed search engine optimization programs I’ve ever tested only were effective at causing me to get tons of spam.

Here’s proof of spam from those other crappy, supposedly useful search engine optimization software programs:

As you can easily see, I’ve got grounds to hate most search engine submission optimization software. They caused me to get tons of spam.

But this other free program surprised me.

Not only did it get me to top position on the search engines, but it didn’t cause me to get even one spam email. In fact it analyzed my page. Made three recommendations. And didn’t spam me or ask for anything in return. So I immediately edited the page to comply with those three simple suggestions.

Since it was now close to two a.m. of the next morning I went to bed without uploading the changes.

I was tired.

Then the morning of July 1st, after having a little coffee and a quick shower, I uploaded the changed page to my server.

Later that same day I was lucky that the Googlebot happened to visit my site and lucky my new page was uploaded and ready for spidering and indexing.

I can only imagine what the results might have been had I procrastinated about testing the software, procrastinated about following the suggestions, or procrastinated about uploading the changed pages.  //shudder//

The result?

Out of 11,400,000 competing sites on he morning of July 1 mine was ranked #1!!!!

About Andre Bell
Andre strives to help marketers discover the near-immediate impact of honest ethical marketing practices. He has advised hundreds of business owners on how to keep their dignity as they implement direct response marketing methods that work. Andre is one of only a handful of remaining professionals who can boast having become an online marketer a decade before the World Wide Web came into existence. And as a serial entrepreneur Andre launched his first direct mail business around the age of 12-years old. He has been building and advising ever since.

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