Free Marketing Course – Lesson #6 – How to Get to Number 1 on Google

Here’s a search engine optimization strategy that put me at#1 position on Google in only one day (less than 24 hours)…

If you have a website or affiliate program you MUST take this lesson very seriously.

I found a 100% free search engine optimization software that gave me number one placement on Google against 12,500,000 competing sites–in only one day!

Here’s proof:

You can see from that picture that there are 12,500,000 pages competing for those keywords on that day. Notice in the picture that my domain is in number one position out of all of those pages!

How did this happen?

I have been testing search engine optimization and search engine submission software for more than eight years, with lackluster results.

Normally I don’t put too much stock into promises and claims about software helping to make money online. This free search engine optimization software is an exception. It totally floored me.

Here’s what happened…

On June 30th 2005, sometime near midnight I came across a link in a Google search that mentioned a free search engine optimization software. So I went looking for it.

After installation I started up the free search engine optimization software you’re about to learn about, and tested my home page to see what the software had to say.

I wasn’t expecting anything phenomenal or even useful since the hundreds of other supposed search engine optimization programs I’ve ever tested only were effective at causing me to get tons of spam.

Here’s proof of spam from those other crappy, supposedly useful search engine optimization software programs:

As you can easily see, I’ve got grounds to hate most search engine submission optimization software. They caused me to get tons of spam.

But this other free program surprised me.

Not only did it get me to top position on the search engines, but it didn’t cause me to get even one spam email. In fact it analyzed my page. Made three recommendations. And didn’t spam me or ask for anything in return. So I immediately edited the page to comply with those three simple suggestions.

Since it was now close to two a.m. of the next morning I went to bed without uploading the changes.

I was tired.

Then the morning of July 1st, after having a little coffee and a quick shower, I uploaded the changed page to my server.

Later that same day I was lucky that the Googlebot happened to visit my site and lucky my new page was uploaded and ready for spidering and indexing.

I can only imagine what the results might have been had I procrastinated about testing the software, procrastinated about following the suggestions, or procrastinated about uploading the changed pages.  //shudder//

The result?

Out of 11,400,000 competing sites on he morning of July 1 mine was ranked #1!!!!

I thought maybe this was a fluke so three days later I waited and checked my keywords again and I was still at number one. But this time it was against 12,500,000 other sites (that’s the screenshot you see above). And in case you might think it was a fluke, my number one position was holding even a month later.

That’s a placement that can’t be bought on Google at any price.

And the nice thing is:

  • I didn’t have to pay a search engine specialist $5,000 per month to get me to number one position.
  • I didn’t have to buy links from others.
  • I didn’t have to trade links with anyone or do anything else with external sources to get that high rank.

I got number one placement just from making three simple changes to my page and now I’m number one for those keywords you see in the screenshot.

After seeing how powerful using that software is, I will test it on a few more of my pages.  I’m hoping the results will be just as dramatic.

If I can get each of my pages to the top ten positions for their keywords I’ll be happy. But number one is even better. I won’t turn that down for nothing!


Don’t go public with your search engine ranking results as I did. If you go public your competitors will know exactly what strategies to use against you… as did several of my competitors who read my lessons.

My number one position held for months… until I made the ‘fool’ mistake of publishing this information to help you. Now I no longer hold number one position for that phrase.

I don’t care though. Now that I see the power of this free SEO software I’m after a totally different set of keywords :-)

Anyhow, I’m sure you’re wondering what this free software is and where you can get it.

Like I said, the software is available 100% free. I’m amazed that the software is free because I’ve tested hundreds of search engine optimization software programs all of which had high price tags (yet didn’t work).

This search engine optimization software is free and it’s the only one in more than eight years that actually improved my web ranking in any search engine.

And what’s even nicer, I’ve only used one of its five ranking test features so far. There are four other search engine optimization tools I have not so much as looked at, let alone tested.

I can already smell number one for all my pages!!!

You can get a copy of this free search engine optimization software here. Please be patient. At times the page may take 10-15 seconds to load.

If you have a website and do NOT download and use this free software you don’t belong online. Period. You’re not a serious player.

Go get the software today. I can’t imagine how the company can stay in business for much longer if they keep giving this truly incredible software away for free. Use the software and boost your web position before the free version is eliminated — and before your competitors start using it against you.

Don’t wait for the company to go out of business or start charging for the software. Get this free search engine optimization software today. Maybe by this time tomorrow your website will be number one for your keywords.

Have a great day.

PS: Don’t procrastinate about getting this software and testing it for yourself. It’s (currently) free and the only thing you have to risk is that poor search engine rank that you’re now faced with. Are you at the bottom of the list of 12,500,000 competing websites or are you at the top? If you’re not at the top you need this software.

PPS: By the time you read this lesson my rank on that particular page will have changed. One of my MAJOR competitors subscribed to this course using an alias (you know who you’re and so do I). Once I posted the results for my page he created a cloaked doorway page on his site to knock me out of number one position. Yeah, I watch his site too, that’s how I found out ;-)

As a side note, you can use this free search engine optimization software to track your competitors’ sites, as well as your own sites!

Just plug in the web addresses of each of your top ten competitors and watch the recommendations that pop up. You will immediately know what keyword strategies and link strategies they are using to get top placement in the search engines.

WARNING: Be very cautious when analyzing the results when tracking your competitor activities. If your competitor uses search engine cloaking (as mine do) the page you see will NOT be the same page the search engines see. Trying to duplicate your competitors who are using cloaked pages can seriously hurt your web rank.

That’s because smart marketers purposely add garbage keywords and garbage meta tags and garbage key phrases to the pages human visitors see — to hurt competitors who try to ‘steal’ their search engine ranking. So be very cautious of imitating anyone else’s strategy without additional research. The content you see might be fake. Especially if the site is ranked very high in a highly competitive market.

PPPS: Someone had a cool quote about luck being the result of preparedness, but I can’t quite recall who said it or exactly how it went. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. Get this free search engine optimization software today.

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