Free Marketing Course – Lesson #4 – Do You Practice OPE

“Do You Practice OPE?”

Here’s a marketing tip that can generate huge sums of income and produce millions of dollars in new money with very little cost ($10-$500) and nearly no risk whatsoever

Today’s marketing tip involves a principal that not one in 10,000 business owners is using–yet is so profitable it has taken many hole-in-the-wall businesses and turned them into multi-billion dollar corporations almost overnight. Does that mean then that this tip is expensive to implement? Is that why few are using it?

Not at all. This tip is very simple and in some cases doesn’t cost any money to implement.

Few are using it because most suffer from marketing myopia, thinking this won’t work — though they’ve never tried it before.

Those who do use this tip generate huge sums of income and see tremendous returns on their marketing investments, with very little cost and nearly no risk whatsoever.

This tip that I’m speaking about today is called affinity marketing.

What is affinity marketing? It’s a marketing principal that allows you to sell your products and services through the efforts of organizations your target market already knows.

There are two major benefits of marketing through large groups in this way.

  • The first is that it is easier than trying to sell directly to strangers on your own and costs you little money to reach a bunch of people quickly.
  • The second benefit is that because your materials are being distributed by someone your target market ideally already trusts, you gain instant credibility.

There is no need for you to deal with the common objections your target market might raise about who you’re or whether or not you’re qualified. All of this is assumed when you’re introduced to your target market by your affinity group.

Let’s give you a real-world example of how this works.

Here in California we have several theme parks including Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Magic Mountain.

The example that I want to share with you through this tip is a letter that Knott’s Berry Farm sent to a medical supply company that I did some work for.

In this package Knott’s Berry Farm sent a letter addressed to the human resources department. The letter speaks of an employee discount program and includes several discount coupons for the human resource department to distribute to employees.

The letter was very well written. Nowhere does Knott’s Berry Farm lower it’s head or beg for distribution of the coupons.

All throughout the letter the tone is one that assumes the HR department will distribute the coupons, while at the same time painting a picture of exclusivity.

Why did they do this? Because they know that families with money have jobs and companies with 50 or more employees respond favorably to incentive and discount programs.

How does the park maximize affinity marketing to assure the coupons get used?

Knott’s sends fewer coupons than there are employees. That adds urgency because people are greedy and possessive by nature. Those coupons will immediately get snatched up because there are so few of them compared to the number of employees.

Does this really work?

Absolutely. Not only did the employees snatch up all of the coupons, but they requested more coupons from Knott’s so they could pass along these ‘exclusive’ savings to their friends, families, and neighbors.

Keep this in mind: Knott’s had absolutely zero relationship with this company. They were not in the same county. The company’s name and address was extracted from a database of corporations with 25 employees or more. And an ‘exclusive’ offer was made to a company that had absolutely no prior relationship with Knott’s Berry Farm at all.

Theme parks are not the only companies that offer affinity group marketing.

Here’s another example.

I was recently surprised to walk into an office and see on their employee bulletin board a flyer from Denny’s restaurant.

This flyer reads, ‘Buy Any Entree, Get One Free… Ask Your Human Resources Contact For Details’

HR received a sales letter and ‘exclusive’ employee discount cards (printed on cheap paper to look like official identification cards).

Did employees use these? Most did. Denny’s made money from those employees during lunch hours that Denny’s wouldn’t have made otherwise. Those same employees would have eaten at one of the fast food restaurants that were closer than Denny’s.

How can you use affinity marketing?

Look at what you’re selling and ask yourself where can a large group of your target market be found.

Even if you realize that you’re targeting a very different group of people than Denny’s and the theme parks are going after, you can still use affinity marketing. Maybe your target market is made up of company owners, self-employed professionals, or entrepreneurs.

What organizations do they already trust? What relationships do they already have that are important to them? Where are large clusters of these people easily found?

In small business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce, independent business-owner associations, Rotary, and other professional and civic organizations.

So instead of sending your offer to an employer, send your offer to the appropriate association presented as an ‘exclusive’ offer for that association.

In this way the association can do the selling for you.

An association will distribute your offer if it appears to benefit their members.

Regardless of who your target market are, if you would like to see your business grow into a multi-billion dollar industry (or even a few extra thousand dollars), I strongly recommend that you introduce affinity marketing into your marketing plan. Maybe some day you will grow to be as big as Disneyland!

Yours in success,

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(By the way, OPE stands for Other People’s Efforts)

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