Free Marketing Course – Lesson #3

“Making Money With Affiliate Programs”

Here’s how to really make affiliate marketing work for you…


It’s reported that the leading national authority of online affiliate systems made $436,797 last year selling other people’s products and services online through affiliate systems.

Obviously affiliate marketing works.

But if you’re like most people you have never earned a single penny through affiliate marketing and never will – unless you make some changes in your marketing.

There are two ways to make money through affiliate systems.

The first is selling your own products and services through your own affiliates programs. Selling in this way can bring huge financial rewards.

Experts have come to accept that it is generally better to earn 1% income from the efforts of thousands of other people than to rely solely on 100% of our own efforts.

Affiliate systems help you build your business through OPE (other people’s efforts) usually at little or no costs to you.

Instead of earning just 1% of everyone else’s efforts, you can earn as much as you want. %50, 60%, and even more is possible with the right program.

However keep in mind, most people will not help promote a program that doesn’t pay them well. Your structure must be a win/win for each of you.

It’s important to keep your reps happy because affiliate marketing is almost always less expensive than trying to bring a product or service to market all on your own.

This is because you get hundreds and sometimes thousands of other people willingly investing their time and efforts into promoting your products and services for you.

That is the first way to make money through affiliate systems.

The second way to make money with affiliate marketing is to sell the products and services of other companies to your clients and customers.

Does this really work?


In the brick and mortar world, Wal-Mart is the king of affiliate systems. Nearly every inch of their stores contain products from affiliate companies, not from Wal-Mart themselves.

Wal-Mart provides the space, generates floor traffic, and shares in the wealth of the products sold by the companies that sell through Wal-Mart.

And even better, Wal-Mart requires the companies to supply their own employees to do stocking and handle order returns, and sometimes even sales.

This way nearly every penny earned by Wal-Mart in those areas is pure profit for Wal-Mart.

How does this apply to you?

You can accomplish the same thing online and offline.

Market your own products through affiliate programs and make money from others doing the selling for you.

Or make money by selling other people’s stuff to your web visitors and your clients and customers.

Go here for a thorough explanation of affiliate marketing.


Despite what affiliate experts tell you, affiliate marketing isn’t a guaranteed winner. You must align your product with the right market and right group of affiliates.

Most affiliates are too busy or too lazy to promote products. This report will show you how to make a success of your affiliate program. That’s all for this tip.

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