Free Marketing Course – Lesson #2 – How to Double Your Business Without Spending A Penny

“How to Double Your Business Without Spending A Penny!”

Despite what ad agents might tell you, the greatest success in direct response marketing does not involve spending more money on ads. Here’s what it really takes…

Lets now talk about the one strategy that won’t cost you a penny more than you’re now spending to build your business: increasing the effectiveness of the marketing you’re already doing.

Despite what ad agents might tell you, the greatest success in direct marketing and advertising does not involve spending more money on ads or running the same unresponsive ads repeatedly in hopes they some day work.

Ad agents will tell you if an ad isn’t working spend more money to make the failing ad bigger.

That’s just plain stupid! That’s like telling a drowning person to drink more water until the water becomes air.

That never works!

The truth is, you don’t spend more money on the same ad… you change it. Or get rid of it altogether.

Why? Because for MOST businesses traditional advertising is ineffective and is a complete waste of money.

Besides, there are more effective and profitable ways to increase your sales and profits without advertising. I’ll explain how to do that in another lesson.

But for now whether you seek to get clients through advertising, promoting seminars, internet marketing, or some other marketing method, you must make your message responsive and persuasive every time you communicate.

When you focus on making each marketing communication more effective you can double or even quintuple your sales, leads, and customers — without increasing your ad budget a single penny.

So, how do you improve your marketing communications?

  1. First, eliminate the 32 Fatal Advertising Mistakes Everyone Is Making. This alone could double your sales. Incidentally, I wrote a report called and recorded an audio CD from the report. The CD sales for $37. But if you’d like to receive a free copy of the report, make sure to subscribe to my announcement list at the bottom of my marketing course.
  2. Second, recognize what isn’t working in your marketing and advertising… then replace it with more persuasive and compelling words that force people to buy from you.

Why is this important?

Because if you don’t have an effective sales message, you’re not going to make any sales.

You have two choices when it comes to creating a more powerful sales message: write your marketing materials yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

Hiring a copywriter is an expense if you don’t have a tried and true product or service. I should know, I write for a living. Though my fees are reasonable, most small business owners don’t have the kind of cash on hand needed for hiring me.

And the problem with improving your sales copy on your own and without any help is that it can take years of trial and error testing to get it right. Yes, day-to-day working in the trenches is guaranteed to make you an expert. But who has years to get it right all on their own?

There is a better way and you have already started it… educating yourself first.

The best way to instantly learn to write effective ads is to look at what has proven to produce sales for others and then apply the same steps to your marketing.

Napoleon Hill referred to this as R2A2.

  • Recognize
  • Relate
  • Apply
  • Assimilate

Neurolinguistic programming teaches the same thing in its topic called modeling. You look at what works successfully for others and then model the same actions and beliefs in your life… and you will get the same results.

Lets face it. You probably don’t want to dedicate 15 to 20 years of independent studying and testing to learn to be a great copywriter all on your own.

Fortunately you don’t have to.

There are several tools that will allow you to quickly and easily create a sales letter in only a few minutes.

Some allow you to just fill-in-the-blanks (provided you have intimate knowledge of what you are trying to sell).. and instantly out pops a sales letter guaranteed to bring in sales.

There has been some hype with one product on the market claiming you can do this in only 2 1/2 minutes.

Yes this tool will save you a ton of time compared to writing from scratch but it won’t do that in only 2 1/2 minutes. Don’t you believe it. I know, I bought it and tried it myself. The 2 1//2 minutes is a play on words. They are talking about how long the software takes to generate the sales letter after you’ve personally spent several minutes or hours filling in the blanks.

Other than that little ‘white’ lie, I’ve found the software is very effective at showing how to format a sales message that contains most of the critical psychological selling principles necessary to get people off their butts and running to the phones to do business with you.

There are several of these fill-in-the-blank instant-sales-generating software tools available.  They vary in complexity and cost.

These tools will also save you a bunch of money compared to hiring a copywriter. But no matter what the promoters claim, these tools won’t create a customized and powerful sales letter written especially for you in only 2 1/2 minutes.

I’ve found these fill-in-the-blank types of sales letter writing tools easily take up thirty minutes or more from start to finish to spit out ad copy that works. That’s assuming you have all the information on hand to quickly copy-and-paste into the form as I did. (on good days I type about 80 words a minute… that should give you an idea that these tools will take everyone way longer than 2 1/2 minutes to use).

I tell you this ’cause I don’t want you to fall for the hype.

Nonetheless, if you’d like to get your hands on one of those fill-in-the-blank-systems-that-is-guaranteed-to-generate-sales, there is only one product that I’ve found that actually works at producing sales. And the neat thing is, it’s not even one of the most expensive ones. It’s way dirt cheap.

* At the time of writing this message there has been no single marketing material I’ve ever purchased in 30 years that’s proven more valuable to me than this package of tools. It’s put money into my pockets more than all others — combined!

I’ve spent as much as $1,000 on a single software marketing program (and lost money). So believe me when I say it’s a bargain to own.  My recommendation is saying a lot considering my collection of files exceed 30,000 books, videos, ebooks, software, and other info-products collected over 20+ years.

But despite all the positives I mentioned, the main product IS NOT the reason you should get this tool. It’s the free bonuses that you MUST own if you’re serious about making money with your words.

The bonus items at time this lesson was written contain:

  • over 300 of the greatest selling words and phrases ever used
  • over 20 powerful ways to state your guarantee
  • over 30 closings that make your prospects whip out their walletsand over 30 P.S.s that make readers buy

Using those phrases in your copy will boost your sales. But don’t take my word on it.

  • Get the product and the bonus toolbox.
  • Print out all of its contents.
  • Separate the material by sections (like I did).
  • Then apply what you see and test for yourself if your sales don’t explode.

Here’s my personal guarantee.

If you don’t make more money using these tools in your sales copy I will write your copy for you for free.

My standard copywriting fee is $5,000 advance against royalties. But you won’t have to pay that. To prove the value of my recommendation I will put my money where my mouth is (no one else is doing this). I risk losing $5,000 in consulting fees by personally guaranteeing you’ll make money using this tool kit — even though I am not its author.

With a guarantee like that you know this kit must be powerful.

Hey. I know of no more powerful way of telling you this so I will just lay it on you straight…

If you’re serious about making money with your words then you must own this toolbox. Period.

The only other thing I can possibly say is if you don’t get this toolbox today then you’re either broke beyond hope, already own the toolkit, or you’re not serious about making money from your sales copy. You’re just a dreamer. If that is the case stop reading. You’ll never get anywhere in life.

But I’m sure that probably doesn’t apply to you, otherwise you wouldn’t still be here reading. No, unlike dreamers, you’re a smart business builder.

So go here to get your copywriting toolbox and personal swipe file that will take your sales copy to the next level.

You and your bank account will be glad you did.

Yours In Success

PS: Watch for my next tip. I will show you how to get your site from ground zero to profitably successful in only about one month. That’s something 90% of sites have not been able to accomplish in five years of trying.

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