Free Marketing Course – Lesson #15 – How to Write Killer Copy Part II

This is part two of the lesson How To Write Killer Copy

In lesson #13 I promised to teach you the B.I.C.T. foundation for writing strong copy. If you haven’t guessed already the “I” in the formula stands for an interesting idea or hook.

The idea or story behind your copy is critical. Why? Because it’s the story or idea that draws people in and keeps them glued to your message. Here’s one more example of weaving an idea throughout your copy.

You can find the full example at my internet identity theft protection site at

The hook, story idea throughout this copy is that my DVD duplicator screwed up, so I’m giving the DVD away for free. This is completely true. He screwed up by not telling me in advance about the DVD-r issue and for assuming I knew in advance he was burning my DVD’s instead of professionally ‘pressing’ them.

Read the entire page at to see how this element is woven throughout the copy from beginning to end. Because that is not the only copy element I want to discuss with you in this lesson.

Here are six copy elements I want you to notice throughout the copy:

  1. authority
  2. scarcity
  3. curiosity
  4. vanity
  5. empathy
  6. and a very direct and specific call to action

Let’s take them apart one-by-one.

Authority: There are many ways to prove authority. Credentials and experience are the most effective.

In my DVD offer I use both. Notice at the opening of the sales page I immediately display the words “Microsoft Certified Professional“. Then throughout the copy I speak of my past experience in the IT industry. I discuss helping businesses and consumers.

Scarcity: The postscript message saying, “Though 10 million Americans are affected by ID Theft, only 98 will receive a free copy of my DVD” is scarcity to the extreme. Who knows what I will do after those 98 are sold. Perhaps I’ll extend the offer to everyone who responds and later change the page. But for now the words are 100% true.

Curiosity: Notice the bullets. Nowhere do I explain how the steps are going to be accomplished. Curiosity alone isn’t enough though. It must be tied to a benefit to the buyer.

Vanity: “Just imagine how great it will feel after using my DVD when everyone sees you whipping through computer commands and customizing your computer ‘system’ with the experience of a college computer nerd on steroids — even if you are you new to computers or not yet comfortable using them!”

Empathy: “It’s not your fault. Computer techs spend years either in classrooms studying computers or years sitting and working on computers at home before they learn these secrets. Most people don’t have that kind of time.”

Empathy is woven throughout the sales page. I talk about giving the DVD away as a gift. Helping others. And so on.

Call to action: “All you have to do is write your name and address and the words “Free DVD” on a piece of paper and send it to me along with a check or money order for only $7 shipping and handling. Send it to:…”

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