Free Marketing Course – Lesson #11 – How To Get Your Clients And Prospects To Write Your Headlines For You

In this lesson you’re about to learn a secret I ought to shoot myself in the foot for disclosing to you.  Once you know this secret you may never again fall for my marketing tactics when I try to use them on you…

Since I promised not to withhold any information from you in this course I’m going to disclose a secret technique to get your prospects and clients to write your most powerful headlines and subheads for you — for free!

The headlines and subheads your clients and prospects write will be more powerful than any copy you or I could ever come up with on our own.

Here’s why…

The words and phrases your prospects and clients use will instantly align and ‘ring true’ to other clients and prospective clients who have the same views and desires — because the words were written by someone who was thinking and feeling the same way.

When you and I write headlines we try to imagine what it feels like to be your prospect. We try to imagine what it’s like to face the problems and challenges and desires your prospect is facing.

But when your clients and prospects write, they are writing from their own perspective. They know exactly what they are feeling and know exactly what bothers them.

That’s why their words are more powerful than ours–they are living it.

That’s why you must get them to write your headlines and as much of your copy as possible. And you want to know a secret? They will do it for FREE if you only know how to ask them.

You might think this is a far-fetched idea that I’m just making up.

It isn’t. And I’m going to prove it to you.

When YOU confirmed your subscription to my marketing course you were sent to a ‘thank you’ page that had this information on it:

Thank You for Requesting Your Marketing Course

You will be receiving the first lesson shortly.

One more thing. I do my best to answer questions through my blog, newsletter, articles, and updates to my Marketing Course. So please take a few seconds to complete the form below and submit any questions you’d like to have answered. Thanks!

What are the biggest question(s) you have about marketing or copywriting, that you would like answered?

Please be as specific as possible and include your name and email address if you’re expecting a reply. 


2,638 people so far have completed that and others of my web forms and told me the exact problems they are facing and the exact information they are looking for.

Guess what I did with those 2,638 responses.

I looked for patterns of repeat phrases, concerns, and desires. Then I used the exact wording to create headlines and subheads, and in some cases complete paragraphs.

These words instantly aligned with the desires of others who have those same concerns.

Here’s an example.

I own several domains. One of those domains is my marketing strategy site.

This is the headline, prehead, and initial subhead you will see when visiting my marketing strategy site:

A Sobering Message To Every Professional Who’s Ever Felt Overwhelmed Trying To Figure Out Which Marketing Approach Really Works Best For His/Her Business… “Discover The Fastest And Laziest Way To Attract New Business, Increase Referrals, And Sell More To Your Existing Clients — Guaranteed!” Here’s How To Immediately Increase The Effectiveness Of All Your Marketing Ads, Letters, And Promotions — Without Buying Another *$&%* Info-Product

Not A Word You Just Read Was Original!

Almost every word (except for conjunctions and a few pronouns) was written from the repeat concerns that I extracted from the 2,638 responses I received from my web forms.

These are some of the repeat words and phrases I yanked from the web replies:

  • felt overwhelmed
  • trying to figure what marketing approaches work best
  • fast
  • attract new business
  • get referrals
  • sell more to my clients
  • increase the effectiveness of my ads

When you read those words this is like having x-ray vision. No. It’s more like being a mind-reader to know the exact concerns and desires people are faced with.

This is just one way (very effective way) to make sure your copy screams that you understand what your prospects and clients are seeking.

If you have a website where people register for free information or make online purchases, I strongly recommend that you not just put up some generic ‘thank you’ text message but go one step further.

Add a survey box and ask for feedback of what they are looking for, what are their concerns, etc.

Once you add the survey box to your thank you page you will build a list of words and phrases that are much more powerful and compelling than any you or I could ever create on our own.

Now go make some money.

Have a great day.

PS: If you’d like to see the rest of the content that goes along with the above headline go to my sample sales letter.

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