Free Marketing Course – Lesson #10 – The Hypnotic Copywriting Secret That Makes People Buy

In this lesson we are going to discuss the secret of what you must do before you write one word of copy, before you create a single headline, and before you buy a mailing list of any kind.

In your last lesson we discussed what really accounts for 99.9% of your marketing success — your list.

This secret is something I call Pre-Approach.

Pre-approach is the method or strategy you use for ‘warming up’ your potential buyer, to buy.

You ‘warm up’ your target market to the idea of buying from you so that once they finally are exposed to your offer or arrive at your site they are already pre-sold on the product or service that you’re promoting.

Think of pre-approach as a dating game.

Would you have greater success finding a willing date at a singles club or by approaching a complete stranger at your local Wal-Mart?

At a singles club of course. Everyone there is looking for someone to date or at the very least looking for someone to dance with. The people at Wal-Mart are there to shop. Many of them are already married and completely uninterested in pursuing any other relationships. Not so of the majority of people who frequent singles clubs.

Using the SRDS as explained in the previous lesson is one way to identify potential ‘suitors’. Use the SRDS to find lists of people who already want and have an interest in what you’re selling, and then you sell it to them.

There are other tools besides the SRDS that explain how to identify people’s specific buying habits. Those tools are explained in the direct mail copywriting guide you learned about in your last lesson.

But what if you’re marketing online only, what is the best pre-approach for getting people ‘warmed up’ to buy from you?

Well, there’s only one guide I’ve found that discusses how to effectively pre-sell online.

Not only does it teach you how to warm your market to purchase from you online, it also gives you one of the most powerful sales letter formats you can cut-and-paste to guarantee sales. That sales letter format truly is worth over $50,000.

I want to tell you about the product but am somewhat reluctant to do so because the sales copy for the product itself is more than a little over-the-top. Way over. But my dilemma is that I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to tell you about this product because it really is an A+ in terms of telling how to pre-sell and showing you how to make money online.

If there were a higher rating than A+ I’d give it to this product because the details are so solid.

This pre-approach method has generated millions of dollars and has made people rich. It has taken run-of-the-mill product ideas and generated $10,000 monthly incomes relatively quickly. What’s nice is not only does it show you how to use the online pre-approach method that I spoke of, it also gives you a word-for-word template that you can adapt to whatever you’re selling online.

What do you think? Do you think I should tell you about this guide or just leave things like this?

I’m betting you want to know about the only online guide I recommend for helping you ‘warm up’ your prospects to buy from you.

Here’s where to get the online marketing guide. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the over the top wording. Get the guide not because of the hype, but in spite of it.

That’s it for pre-approach. If you have any questions first get the guide above and then ask. I’m happy to help.

Have a great day.

PS: Remember, offline the SRDS is your best strategy. Just make sure to follow the steps in the previous lesson to sort the inflated B.S. figures out so you don’t go broke chasing fake leads.

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