Five Closely Guarded Marketing Secrets Revealed

I’ve reached a very difficult marketing decision. One that will probably bankrupt me if I’m wrong…

For the past 30+ years I’ve studied well over 2,000 books, culled tons of marketing and business pointers from hundreds of audio and video recordings, and attended dozens of seminars and workshops and courses of one kind or another. All with the goal of improving my professional skills and abilities.

Well, in just about three years I’ll be 50 years old. How much more life I have left from this point forward is anyone’s guess.

So I’ve decided to openly publish here in my blog a great deal of the body of knowledge I’ve gained from research and interacting with some of the brightest brains on earth. The last thing I want is to wake up in the next life kicking myself because of what I might have accomplished in this life had I not held back. Yeah, worrying about dying is a bit morbid. But the reality is, I have way too much specialized knowledge to lay waste. To just let vanish into oblivion when I go. It does me no good to keep it in my head alone.

Granted, you can study the same 2,000+ books, audio and video programs, attend the same seminars and workshops and interact with the same cadre of professionals I have and come away with the same or even greater knowledge than me. But why waste 30 years when you can gain that same knowledge just by following this blog? It’s your choice.

Why through my blog? Well, I can’t very well share this knowledge one-on-one with each of the thousands of visitors I get each month. Blogging may be the next best approach.

Is sharing my hard earned ‘secrets’ a mistake? Probably. After all, we consultants have only two things to sell: our time and our expertise/knowledge.

But I suspect (hope) only good can come from this. Why? Because after interacting with hundreds and hundreds of business owners over the years I know the vast majority fall into one of three categories:

  • They feel they already know everything and won’t listen anyways… so what they read here won’t prompt them to hire me no how.
  • Or they are close-minded and feel their circumstances are ‘different’ and need ‘customized’ solutions when in fact there is ‘nothing knew under the sun.’ Just repackaging and blowing smoke up their skirts, while pretending the solution is custom. In my mind repackaging is basically lying to people. I’d rather be upfront. And if that turns off a few people, so be it.
  • Or they are too busy to implement on their own. So even if I give a complete marketing roadmap through this site some companies will still hire me or my firm to implement those strategies for them.

So the way I see it, being open with my knowledge here in my blog is all gain for me. I weed out those who have no interest and only attract those who do.

But please don’t misread my intent. I’m not available to work for free. No way. I’m not the cheap or free alternative. If finding someone to work or advise for free s what you are looking for then by all means look elsewhere. I charge a premium for what I do. Posting to this blog is as free as I get.

Strategies and tactics and resources I will share here:

  • SEO and online marketing
  • New client and customer generating methods
  • Methods to sell more to existing and past clients and customers
  • Powerful marketing approaches few companies ever consider
  • And tons more marketing ‘secrets’ you’d have to dig for years to uncover

All of these areas will focus on fast, measurable marketing methods. The goal is to generate more sales, increased client loyalty, and how to get more referrals on queue, not just fickle word of mouth guesswork.

You won’t have to sort through fluff ‘stories’ and ‘filler’ designed to entertain — or designed to mislead. The focus is implementation. How to.

Ok. That said… after I post this entry I will create a new category. Then add new, or updated business growth content each day.

So if you want to read that content, come back daily. No clue how long I will leave the info. May be indefinitely, may be just a day or two. Maybe I will add the content to a book when completed so the only way to get these details will be to cough up cash. Or not.

Heck I don’t know. For now I just want these details out of my head and on the net, so I can die happy knowing all that I know didn’t die with me. Yeah, an appeal to my own cravings for legacy. If you don’t know what I mean, you will… as long as you stick around :)

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