Evil Marketing Mind Control Tactics

Who really controls your mind?

If you say you do, I beg to differ. Especially if you live in the USA or some other country bombarded with marketing messages or political propaganda.

Watch this amazing documentary: Adam Curtis – The Century of the Self

The video is public domain, meaning anyone and everyone can download, watch, repackage, resell, and do nearly anything you want to do with the video series, within reason and within bounds and restrictions of any latent copyright holders.

Future Gazing

I predict that if internet censorship laws eventually pass in USA, this is one of the many videos that will likely ‘vanish’ from the internet. Why? Because the series goes beyond exposing marketing manipulation. It also gives a lot of info about the misuse of propaganda in America by politicians, not just marketers.

This is the kind of information they do not want us to have.

This information has the power to ‘dissolve the scales from ones eyes.’ And the material makes it a little easier to detect BS in politics and marketing in modern life once you’ve been exposed to this knowledge.

Hatred Toward All

As a marketer why would I share this information? Because I hate all forms of marketing dishonesty. Lying and so-called ‘misrepresentations’ benefit no one other than the liars. Everyone else suffers the consequences of being lied to. Lying is beyond distasteful.

I promote honest ethical marketing methods. Though to some people dishonesty may at times seem more expedient, truth is always more powerful. Always. Unfortunately few marketers appreciate this truth. Instead many marketers (and ad writers) continue lying — at our expense. I refuse to participate in such schemes.

As long as humans rule the world lying won’t stop anytime soon. You may as well learn to protect yourself. Watch the video series while all four episodes remain freely available to the public. Then do what you can to gain back control of your mind. It may be just a matter of time before it becomes too late to do so later. Then your mind will remain controlled by whomever has the largest checkbook and most influence. That won’t be you or me.

There are several versions of the Adam Curtis – The Century of the Self video series floating around. The versions differ in format (Mp4, mp2, avi, flv, etc), size, and quality. If you plan to burn the videos to DVD then get the better quality. If you plan to simply watch from your computer or mobile device then get the smaller versions. That saves time downloading. And you probably don’t need DVD quality for online viewing anyways. These videos were recorded eons ago. There was no such thing as digital equipment back then. So there’s only so much that can be done with improving the quality anyways. But get whichever format best meets your needs. The link I gave above is general video quality. Is best for most people.

Additional public domain search results for The Century Of The Self are here. Foreign language subtitles may be available via this link

2002 Remastering (near DVD quality) for those who want the best available viewing experience