Direct Mail Secrets Revealed – Part4

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How To Create Direct Mail Copy That Sells

After you’ve eliminated those mistakes from your marketing you must next write content that is compelling and interesting.

Your message must grab your reader by the eyeballs and make it impossible for him to bat an eye for fear of missing something juicy. That’s what effective direct mail copy does for you.

So what are the steps in creating content that will keep your readers glued to your sales letter?

Here they are:

  • Write compelling content that magnetically attracts readers, like sugar water attracts humming birds — it’s impossible for them to resist you.

  • Use a powerful "hook" throughout your message. All great ads use a hook to set the ad apart from every other message that competes for the attention of the same market. The last thing a sales message should do is sound like every other ad that is out there. When it comes to marketing, sameness will kill your sales.

  • Focus your message on benefits to your reader. Remember W.I.I.F.M.

  • Use plenty of credibility statements and proof.

  • And most of all…

…Preach To The Choir!

Communicate your message to people who already want what you’re selling, or have shown a predisposition towards believing you. The worst way of selling is to waste time trying to educate anyone on why they should want what you’re selling. That’s a quick way to failure. Probably the quickest.

Instead keep this in mind: it’s easier to preach Jesus to Christians than to atheists. It’s easier to persuade Buddhists to follow the ways of Buddha, than to get a Christian to do so.

The same holds true to what you’re selling. It is far easier to sell to people who already want what you’re selling than to sell to people who must first be convinced of the value of your product or service.

Of what value is it to try to sell an AK-47 to a member of an Anti-Gun movement? None. You would be wasting your time. But what about selling a shotgun or spear or crossbow to someone living in a rainforest? Think you’d have a better chance at success there? You bet.

That’s one of the major secrets to copywriting success. You filter out those who don’t have an interest for what you’re selling, and communicate only to those who do have an interest.

This will help…

Discover The Secrets For
Turning Your Words Into Cash

direct response copywriter

The above classic layout is considered one of the most effective formats for a direct mail piece.

It has a pre-head, a subhead, and an attention-grabbing picture. Ideally the picture should be of the writer of the letter or spokesperson. Oh. The headline format above is slightly malformed if you plan to send hundreds of thousands or millions of copies of your letter. In that case you’ll want to alter this format a little.

For smaller mailings the results of changing the format is nearly negligible. The classic example is fine.

Also, the headline should be reformatted as an opening sentence, not as a literal headline when writing to CEO’s or other C-level executives. At that level, all mail resembling ‘junk mail’ instead of as personal communications is usually tossed out. There are exceptions. So test the layout. Especially when writing to executives.

Speaking of layouts…

What do you get when you cross

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