Direct Mail Secrets Revealed – Part3

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In fact knowing how to make money with the power of your PEN or keyboard is a great feeling that nearly anyone can experience.

I love it when a package I put together online or offline starts bringing in the bucks.

Seeing checks arrive in my mailbox and money growing in my online accounts —all generated from nothing more than words— is a major turn on.

I dare say…nearly more exciting and satisfying that that other three letter word we men tend to go crazy over. Sorry but it’s true.

Making money with words is a highly addictive turn on…

If you’ve experienced making money with your words you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

If you’ve haven’t felt it yet, hopefully you won’t be limited to having to only imagine the thrill and excitement for much longer. You will see it firsthand.

I know of no other way to legally bring in cash as quickly and consistently as a powerful and persuasive sales message.

Sales from direct mail total over two trillion dollars annually. Plus an estimated 300 billion dollars more are made and earned online… much of which comes from persuasive sales letters.

Obviously it is possible to make money with just words.

So what’s the key to making your next promotion a real winner? Research. And following tried-and-true principles.

Here’s something brief you need to know about doing research:

The more you know about your product, your market, the general state of the world around you, and your competition… the more you can persuade and motivate others to take action.

There’s not enough time to detail all of the steps involved. Just believe me when I say that research is the key to sales success.

The Keys To Your Kingdom

Ok. You probably got to this page because you want to know how to use magic words that will grow your business.

So let me share some insights with you…

First area to look at is failure avoidance.

This is important because if you do the things guaranteed to lead to failure you’ve no chance for success.

Most failed direct mail attempts are the result of violating most if not all of the fatal marketing and advertising mistakes that are disclosed in my report 32 Fatal Marketing Mistakes Everyone Is Making. Remove those 32 mistakes and your chance for success increases 100-fold. Violate those principles and you risk total slaughter of any potential for sales success.

These Little Mistakes
Are Costing Companies Billions

Other mistakes that kill any potential for sales:

  • Sending a single letter and then sitting back crying because the mailing costs exceeded the income earned. The majority of your sales come from mailing multiple messages to each recipient, not just one letter. If you plan on mailing only one letter and expecting to get rich, I seriously suggest not mailing at all. Your profits will likely remain the same. Zero.

  • Sending the letter to the wrong people. My goodness, this is so heavily violated that it should be the Eleventh Commandment: "Though Shall Not Mail to Complete Strangers Who Have NOT Identified Themselves As Having A Connection With You Or A Prior Interest In What You Offer!" Don’t waste time mailing to an untargeted list. It won’t work.

  • And the Twelfth Commandment: "Though Shall Not Put People To Sleep With A Boring and Passive Sales Message!" -zzzz

How To Create Direct Mail Copy That Sells

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