Direct Mail Secrets Revealed – Part2

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…gains that knowledge through decades of personal experience, or through years of studying the documented and proven works of others.

Investing years of study and research is not what today’s ‘pros’ are going to do.

Really, why should they invest months or years studying marketing? After all, if they can convince enough people to spend $25,000 on a single sales letter there’s no point in learning how to actually do anything more than cut-and-paste generic sales letter templates.

Those copywriters are looking for quick cash in their own pockets — regardless of the results to you.

I Bet You Think This Song Is About You
Don’t You? Don’t You?

I know you probably want greater success for your business. And you probably want your next promotion to succeed. How do I know this? You wouldn’t have read or skimmed this far if you didn’t.

So I’m going to show you a few insider ‘tricks’ about writing better sales letters and ads that you might or might not know… so you won’t fall victim to anyone. You can improve your own sales copy.

And if after reading this material you decide you want to grow beyond a single sales letter, I hope you decide to contact me. As a copywriter and marketing strategist I do more than write ‘cookie cutter’ sales letters and then charge $25,000 fees.

Here’s How To ‘Hit One Out Of The Ballpark’

If you want your next promotion to be a homerun here’s what you need to understand…

You are the most qualified person to write your sales copy. Honest. Because of all the time you’ve invested in building your company, you know what keeps your prospects awake at night wanting a solution to their problems — whether you realize it or not.

No template, ebook, instant letter writing software, or anything else written months or years ago can hammer away at the specific needs, desires, and wants of your target market. That’s knowledge you have.

So here’s the good news…

If your business isn’t the success you dreamed of, I’m going to show you how to tap into your unique knowledge to increase your sales and make more money with your words — without getting taken to the cleaners.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in. It doesn’t matter the state of the economy. And it doesn’t matter how strongly entrenched your competitors are either. Whether you’re looking for insurance sales letters, direct mail letters, real estate sales letters, sample consulting letters, charity or donation sales letters, internet sales letters, or sales letters for any other industry or use… these tips will work for you.

The Three Letter Word That Makes Men Crazy

I must admit it. I get all tingly just thinking about it. Really. It’s almost as exciting and powerfully addictive as that three-letter-word that moves the strongest man…. it’s the power of the PEN.

Words in print or onscreen have the power to persuade, excite, and even anger masses of people. Much of our way of life today was determined by the power of words.

This skill isn’t reserved for the intellectually gifted. In fact knowing how to…

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