Direct Mail Secrets Revealed – Part1

“More is required to build a successful company than focusing on a single sales letter, email, or ad”


Famed psychologist Abraham Maslow is probably most famous for saying "to the person who only has a hammer all problems look like a nail."

This is most true in marketing…

Marketing isn’t a single sales letter. Marketing isn’t simply running an ad in the Yellow Pages or newspaper either.

To see the greatest success possible businesses should focus on each of these key areas of business growth:

  1. Improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the marketing you’re already doing
  2. Define and clearly articulate a dominant competitive advantage and make sure your entire staff, clients, and prospects know what makes you different and better
  3. Cross sell, upsell, back end sell, and look for reactivation opportunities
  4. Develop complimentary alliances with other businesses
  5. Exploit advertising media opportunities
  6. Develop community relations and publicity opportunities
  7. Profit from direct response marketing and advertising
  8. Gain new business and sell more to existing clients through smart use of the internet
  9. Find new uses you may have overlooked for existing products and services
  10. Implement customer retention program
  11. Launch a customer reactivation program
  12. Consider expanding by buying other asset-rich or income companies
  13. Work on an exit strategy for selling your company for high profit and huge investment return

A single sales letter isn’t the key to optimal long-term growth. Each of the 13 steps above is critical for a company’s long-term success.

A single sales letter or ad could never address each of the above areas.

Money In The Bank — Theirs

Then why do so many copywriters focus so much attention on sales letters?

In a word. Money.

Many mid-level copywriters charge $25,000 to write a single sales letter. And the top ‘guru’ writers charge much more ($45,000 on up for a single letter).

Oh. If that seems outrageous don’t imagine you’ll get a better ‘deal’ by choosing ad agencies instead. The major agencies won’t even look at you if you don’t have two million dollars or more to invest in marketing your company. That’s because agencies get a percentage of each dollar you spend on ads.

Despite such high fees their approaches don’t even come close to touching each of the 13 core business growth strategies above.

It isn’t that copywriters or ad agents want you to fail to achieve top success for your company.

Usually "cookie-cutter" copywriters don’t have an in-depth knowledge of marketing — and no incentive to learn. And ad agencies are more concerned with winning awards –and your advertising dollars– than increasing your sales.

Today anyone can buy a book, video, or course online that claims to teach almost anyone how to write ads and sales letter in a few short hours… and then claim to be a trained or certified copywriter — and start charging $25,000 fees.

That is why the world is now saturated with copywriters who fail to write copy that sells. They just don’t know any better.

However to gain the knowledge needed to properly adapt critical areas of marketing into your business takes years of study. It’s not as simple as filling in the blanks on generic sales letter templates.

Either a person…

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