Death of A Sales Pitch (continued)

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The underlying focus of Spin Selling is closing.

As proof, take a look at “Sharpening Your Skills” in chapter 12 of SPIN Selling Fieldbook. Operating with the aim of closing the sale is a disaster for selling any product or service where developing ongoing relationships is critical — like consulting.

Trying to force an unnatural close creates unnecessary resistance. Here’s why…

A Sickening Dread

Preparing a bunch of features and benefits in advance and then ‘vomiting’ that noise onto a client is the main cause of skepticism and objections.

How many times have you considered purchasing something and the sales rep inundated you with a list of ‘features and benefits’ you hadn’t expressed the slightest interest in but then blew right past what was important to you? It’s too common.

I hate it and want to yell “S-H-U-T U-P!”

The only thing that matters are the features and benefits I want to know about. Address those and things are good. Everything else is just noise.

How to avoid making this critical sales mistake?

Take a look at Reverse Selling. Reverse Selling forces your attention on determining if you and the client are a true match or not — not burying your listener in a long list of unrequested features and benefits.

If you find the two of you are not a match, that’s ok. You simply say so and thank them for their time. You move on.

Traditional selling forces sales reps to try to make something out of nothing. You pressure the person until they either buy, leave, or hangup. ‘No is just a request to know more, a request for more information’ is the moto of that dead dinosaur sales process. Not true. Sometimes no means just that. No. We are not a match.

The focus of Reverse Selling is NOT closing. The primary focus is helping people. That detail is what’s missing from SPIN Selling. In Reverse Selling, if you can’t help your prospective client or customer you simply let them go. You do not try to force anyone into buying.

That’s why I recommend using Spin Selling only for its structure: situation, problem, implication, needs. And when it comes to determining what to ask during a call, I recommend adapting the Reverse Selling, “no sales pitch” mindset.

Now You See It Now You Don’t

When you focus on the needs of the person you are speaking with, you eliminate all selling pressure.

Your prospective buyer will detect your sincere concern for their needs and a willingness to help, instead of an ‘always be closing’ mentality. In addition, by merging the two selling systems, you’ll develop a hybrid selling structure that presents you as a competent and concerned professional.

And the best part is, by tossing out old school sales pitches you make it easy, even a joy for others to pick up the phone and talk with you.

Sound like what you are looking for? Are you finding your company’s sales processes are just not working as well as they once worked? You may find the solution is to create a custom, hybrid sales process based on what you are selling and who you are selling to.

Obviously a low commitment one-call sales approach will vary greatly from a sales process requiring multiple client interactions and high commitment. In most cases a single off the shelf system is inappropriate regardless of industry you are working in.

That’s why for service based businesses (consulting being the example given) we recommend merging SPIN Selling with Reverse Selling. However for your company SPIN Selling/Reverse Selling hybrid might not be the best approach.

How would you know?

If you have the time and resources to study and integrate these two processes into your company, test them out and see. Grab both Spin Selling and SPIN Selling Fieldbook then purchase Ari Galper’s Reverse Selling system. Study all three and create a custom selling system for your company.

Or if time is a concern you may prefer to have the process done for you.

Hire someone who’s already tested these processes. Arrange for them to evaluate your current sales approaches and your current sales objectives, then create a custom hybrid sales program for your company based on the best of all selling systems and modern research available.

Additional recommended sales resources:

  • Miller Heiman sales processes
  • NLP selling techniques
Want an unbiased review of your current sales and marketing processes?

I might be able to help. Since I do not yet know anything about your company I can’t promise we are a match. But I can promise to sit with you by phone and have an honest and ethical conversation about your marketing needs and objectives — without the high-pressure ‘trial closes’, sales pitches, tie-downs, or other manipulative processes some have mislabeled as ‘consulting’.

If a confidential no sales pressure consultation sounds like it might be up your alley Click Here To Contact Me By Email to schedule a no-sales pressure consultation by phone.