SEO Conversion Tools

You are likely here because you downloaded the SEO White Paper: 5 Top SEO Tools For SEO Pros.

Here are the top three tools I recommend for this category:

Split Test Accelerator is much more powerful than all other split testing products I’ve ever tested over the years. I used STA to boost conversions of an already profitably performing online offer from 3% to 9%. That’s 300% more sales than if I had not split tested the offer. So yeah, the tool works.

This product is NOT for everyone. It is expensive. And it requires a bit of patience to setup your first split test. But it is well worth the small learning curve, I think. And no, it is NOT an affiliate link nor is the publisher personally known to me. I’m just impressed with the software.

If money is a concern stick with Google’s free Optimizer. Google’s Web Optimizer is very powerful too and contains a lot of value for a free tool. But it is not as anonymous as STA :/

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