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The most productive way to start a relationship with Andre is by first telling us a little about yourself, your company, and your marketing objectives or challenges.After reviewing your objectives Andre will contact you to talk about how to best optimize your sales and marketing opportunities. Please complete the fields below to get started.

Andre respects the privacy of your data. Andre will never sell or share the information you provide without your consent. And any information you provide will be used only by Andre Bell Consulting Group in our efforts to assist you.


Andre is NOT actively seeking SEO clients at this time. True SEO is complex and requires a significant marketing budget. In the exceedingly rare occasions he might take on an SEO client, the client has to prove themselves capable, have no trouble with the initial ante of $15,000 starting budget to implement and launch an SEO campaign, and have a big and interesting opportunity worth promoting. Andre is NOT available to write single SEO articles or to create any other individual SEO editorial content.