Cold Calling Sucks: Increase Sales And Generate Leads Without Cold Calling – Ever!

An end to cold calling. Is it just a dream? No.

Sure, there are a ton of books, videos, audio programs, and seminars dedicated to cold call prospecting.

Most are garbage.

Cold calling is just not that effective anymore. You go through a lot of activity to meet people who don’t know you, don’t want to talk to you, and frankly just don’t trust you.

Effort in selling is not for cold calling. The purpose of selling is developing relationships. Uncovering client needs. Mapping out plans for meeting those needs. I touch on those topics in my entry, Sales Training 101: The Key To Selling With Integrity.

Can cold calling ever work? Yes. But not very well. At least not when compared to the number of contacts you must make — many of which won’t bother to talk to you or give you the slightest courtesy to listen to hear why you are contacting them. Heavy rejections.

Why Cold Callers Are Hated

Personally, I don’t accept cold calls. They are always canned spiels that have absolutely nothing to do with me personally or professionally. Listening to what is no more than someone’s memorized verbal ‘commercial’ in person or by phone is a big waste of time. After finding the time was wasted, how do you get that time back? You can’t.

Almost everyone these days feels he or she has too much to handle and not enough time to get it all done. The last thing they want to deal with
is having to set aside time throughout the week to listen to multiple clueless sales people drone on and on about some product or service that might be a total mismatch. And cold callers who want to take up time asking senseless questions ‘to see if there might be a fit’ when they should have done their homework beforehand are the worse to deal with. They just don’t get it.

Every b2b salesperson MUST know if a possible fit already exists for the companies they are calling on. Why take up my time otherwise? Get lost!

Business owners and decision makers are not here to do your homework for you.

Why should they allow their already busy day to get derailed by totally unnecessary time wasters? No one wants that. Instead, they simply shun you. Not just you, but all cold callers. I do it. Others do it too. I’m not alone.

Most business people feel the same way — a big waste of time listening to losers who are selling generic stuff and who have absolutely no clue about the prospective company or its objectives. From a salesperson’s perspective, as long as they are talking to someone they imagine they are selling. They aren’t selling. They are annoying and interfering.

Do everyone a favor. Don’t don’t make that next cold call.

Really. Stop Cold Calling!

When I advise clients to stop cold calling they flip. Generally they are insistent on sticking to it. It will ‘eventually’ work, they say. It rarely does.

Cold calling fails primarily because of a lack of market match. You are selling something that you do not know to be a match for the person or company you are cold calling. That is dumb.

Selling has its place. However, it isn’t about lame, cold, memorized manipulations.

Better Than Cold Calling

Whether you are involved with b2b or b2c selling, there is something better than cold calling.


Cold calling can [sometimes] work. But it is time-consuming. And brutal. Direct marketing yourself removes that pain.

Sure, if you are broke, totally destitute, don’t want competitors to see you coming, or have no other options available to you then maybe cold calling could be the way to go. Maybe.

I recommend a different approach.

Instead of cold calling, run easy lead generating local online ads. Specifically Adwords. Maybe do a highly focused $100 split test to see if you can convert local prospects to buyers beyond the cost of the $100 test.

Obviously, if this limited test proves to be profitable the ad campaign can become self-funding from this point onward. You simply keep it going, or scale it up, for as long as it continues to be profitable. Absolutely no cold calling pain.

If you are in the USA or Canada I’m willing to ‘buy’ your first $100 Google Adwords campaign for you if don’t already have a Google Adwords account.

Oh. I’d probably need to be involved in helping you design and setup the campaign. Or at the very least, advise you with a bit of direction. This is to make sure the hundred dollars goes to best use. During this talk time I also want to make sure your business, small or large, is a match for what I’m recommending. For both our benefits.

If you are tired of cold calling frustrations and want to try something better or different than cold calling, shoot me an email. Perhaps you will generate a few (or a lot) of new leads and new clients and new customers without ever again having to cold call. Heck, if so, this just might become a dream come true :)