Can SEO Be Automated?

“What garbage!”

A few days ago I was invited to download and test a demo version of an SEO software program. In the past this program had been praised by affiliate marketers during a massive product launch. You know, one of those campaigns where everyone and his brother is sending mass emails hailing a hitherto unreleased product as the best thing since sliced bread. Even a number of ‘gurus’ promoted the heck out of this software prior to its release.

The marketers claimed the product could deliver nearly everything you’d ever need to know in order to get top SEO ranking.

Well let me tell you after putting this software through the wringer I was not impressed.

What those marketers didn’t tell you was that the software does not handle any of the actual SEO ranking workload for you. All the software can do is generate a report of findings. Basically it reports on things like keyword analysis and the names of blogs or other sites you might want to post content to. But the software does none of the actual SEO work for you. It simply reports information you can find yourself via Google and a few minutes of searching–for free.

So in essence if you had dropped down several hundred dollars for that heavily promoted software and then ran it through its paces you still would be no closer to improved SEO ranking than if you had chosen to keep your hundreds of dollars in your own bank account.

If that wasn’t bad enough you would then need to face the ‘joy’ of spending hundreds of hours (literally) doing tedious ‘recommended’ labor by hand despite the money you wasted for SEO software. Er, I mean, ‘invested’ in hopes of getting the alluded to promises made by the shady products marketers.

If the software handled the work it reports for you to do then it might be worth a few hundred bucks. Maybe. But as-is it is a rip off.

I know crap when I see it

I’ve been using computers from home since the mid 80;s. Since then I’ve tested over 10,000 software products. I’ve seen that when it comes to putting actual money into anyone’s pockets or delivering on the developers’ marketing hype most products fail. Big time.

Does this mean I think all SEO products are worthless?

No. For the die-hard DIY’ers I recommend a handful of specific SEO software programs. These are products that actually work. I’ve tested them. And I’ve used these very same products as a foundation to build up from when working with select SEO clients. I do not recommend relying solely on the products though. You also must use your head. Using every feature of an SEO software product can be akin to spamming. Don’t do it.

Why would anyone consider doing SEO themselves?

One reason to handle SEO yourself is to save money.

In-house SEO automation saves a substantial amount of out of pocket costs compared to the steep five or six-figures required MONTHLY when working with qualified top SEO companies.

A second reason for considering setting up in-house SEO team is because managing everything in-house gives you greater control. You gain peace of mind that no one is ‘black hatting’ your site into blacklist purgatory. The last thing you’d want to achieve from your SEO efforts is to get your site permanently deindexed and banned from the search engines because of the ‘secret’ behind the scenes efforts of some third-party. In-house SEO takes that threat away.

In-house SEO isn’t for the weak. The burden of knowing what you are doing falls squarely on your own shoulders. That can be both good and bad.

The bad news

As mentioned already handling the work yourself will require a significant amount of time. Using top performing software can easily require several hours a day dedicated exclusively to data entry or data manipulation.

Add to the daily time cost the steep learning curve required as you come up to speed on using SEO automation software. If you do not have a couple of days or better yet a couple of full-time weeks (or months) available to get a stable foundation set, in-house SEO is not the best choice.

If you might still be thinking in-house SEO may be the way to go (to save money or gain greater control) rest assured the time investment required to come up to speed and to manage legitimate SEO automation software is nothing compared to trying to manage SEO activities by hand. Not even in the same ball park. SEO by hand can be brutal. And perhaps impossible. Anyone who claims to get top ranking by doing everything by hand is lying. It is impossible to build a site with 50,000 to well over a million relevant words and phrases by hand across multiple domains. Automation plays a part in there somewhere.

And don’t even imagine you can hire some $40 to $100 SEO agency to do all this work for you. You cannot hire someone to do serious SEO for a few dollars. That’s like saying you want to buy a Premium Tesla Motor Vehicle at Nissan Versa pricing. Not gonna happen. Two different worlds.

So how do those low end companies make money? Those are individuals and international scam companies who prey on business folks who have less experience than the scammers. As long as the scammers can keep their clients in the dark about SEO the clients keep paying. Don’t get me wrong. Those low end companies may do basic on page SEO optimization. See my free SEO software white paper for more details about what to look for in true SEO professional services.

Save time or money but not both

If you have more time than money use legitimate SEO automation software to do much of the work in-house yourself.

However if you have limited time hire out your SEO workload to someone else to handle. The advantage is you get to avoid the headaches of learning to use SEO automation software, you avoid the hassles of having to buy out time to use the software, and avoid the hours on end that may be required to manually ‘finesse’ your site to the top of search results.

Five easy pieces

There are only five SEO software packages I’ve found that actually work. You must use all five concurrently, as a complete SEO process, to get top SEO ranking. Most other software programs are worthless junk that deliver zero actual impact to your SEO position. Do you want to spend thousands of dollars ‘learning to fish’ or having the high-priced fish delivered on a silver platter.

The junk products are like the unnamed program I was referring to at the beginning of this post. Those types of programs are conceptually valuable — they do nothing other than report information–and make empty promises. It’s up to you to figure how to make use of the information they spew out. True SEO automation does not leave you hanging to figure out what to do yourself. true automation does the work for you.

A one and a two…

If you are serious about SEO you have one of two choices. Either save time by outsourcing or save money by doing the work yourself, in-house. You cannot achieve both. And by all means stay away from unproven junk products being promoted by mass marketed email campaigns. There’s always a good chance the products don’t actually work.

Want to know which products actually work?

Grab my free SEO software white paper. This guide details the top tools available to serious SEO players. However, if you are struggling to get by don’t bother. These tools are not for the faint of heart. Nor are they available to anyone looking for misleading ‘instant riches.’ Work is required.

Your free SEO white paper explains which products out there truly boost SEO rating and they simplify your search engine optimization efforts. And these products can make hiring pros for local SEO and even national SEO obsolete. No need to spend $20,000 a month to $120,000 or more a year having someone else do what you can do for yourself. And no hassles wasting a single second of your precious time on over-hyped software that just doesn’t work.