B2B Selling Advice

——– new consultant wrote: ——–

I honestly respect you and look up to you as someone who has a lot of experience and a lot of wisdom, and I would really appreciate a recommendation.

Since you have tried a lot, which sales course would be the best to focus on and over-learn for a beginner B2B consultant?

Thank you

Experience? Yes. Wisdom? I don’t know about that one. I still make a lot of dumb mistakes and choices that even make me shake my head once in a while. Such is life. I guess.

As far as B2B sales approaches these are three that have put money into my pockets:

I’ve tried many many other sales approaches. In B2B environments, nothing else besides these three have actually lead to money in my pockets.

Here are a couple other selling systems that have had value beyond direct sales value (if anything else besides sales matters to you):

Both systems require much time to break down and implement. Both systems are great for boosting confidence in selling situations – no need to feel you are ‘winging’ anything. You come across as a true pro. But confidence aside, neither have lead to actual money in my pockets. I abandoned both very quickly. Maybe I was too impatient for results.

These are my recommendations for B2B sales, not consumer sales. For more specific details about implementing ethical B2B selling that works see my two blog posts Sales Training 101 and Ethical Selling.