AWAI American Writers & Artists Inc. Make Money Writing Review (continued)

AWAI isn’t that good. In fact some of there (sic) stuff just plain out right (sic) STINKS!”

I disagree.

The course isn’t bad. It’s actually quite good. The marketing hype and weasel words from some of the more unsavory affiliates indicates you are getting more than you are really getting. Such lying is bad for everyone.

I finally ‘get’ AWAI. I purchased the Six-Figure Course at least six years ago. I don’t recall the exact date. I do remember that I had hoped the course would contain everything needed to both learn to write sales copy and get high-paying clients right away–as many AWAI affiliates claimed.

The original ‘hard copy’ course fell short on both accounts.

At first I was pissed. Feeling maybe I had again been taken for ride by another dishonest marketer who promised the sun moon and stars while delivering plain dirt.

But then sometime later I read E. Haldeman Julius’ The First Hundred Million. That one book helped me to realize it’s not AWAI‘s fault I felt taken. The fact is the fault was my own.

That’s because as a whole serial entrepreneurs and wannabe writers are obsessed with learning how to make money from writing but not the least bit interested in spending time or money learning how to actually write.


Here’s what E. Haldeman Julius had to say after meticulously tracking ‘our’ buying behavior:

Harassed editors bemoan the fact that thousands of people are laboriously putting pen to paper in an endeavor to add to their income, or even, in a few instances, to win fame and fortune overnight by writing some best seller which will later be put into the movies. Probably no definite figures have ever been available on this question. Even popular contests, in which attractive cash prizes are offered for manuscripts, cannot feel the popular pulse to the extent that the Little Blue Books which offer aid to these people can tell how much interest there is in writing for profit. Of course, too, many people who enter prize contests are under the illusion that writing takes no training, people who believe that writers just dash off their stuff in mad moments of frenzied inspiration. Such people would not spend even five cents for a book to tell them something of the technique of the craft they hope to enter.

In modern language he said we desire to make easy money just writing but we don’t really want to learn how to write. We want a money-making business opportunity. We want to believe in promises of easy money. We certainly do not want a language course–even if that is exactly what we need.

When were Julius’ words written? 1928.

Sadly, this indicates human nature has not changed in 85 years. As a whole we still would rather not spend a dime on writing courses or spend hours (even a single hour) reading grammar books. We want ‘instant inspiration without effort’. We want promises and hand stroking. Most business opportunity seekers do not want to actually put forth effort to earn money. They are more obsessed with collecting information.

So, despite what we may individually feel about the structure of the course or AWAI‘s value as publishers, if AWAI wants to continue to remain profitable they must continue promising the course will teach us how to make money in the industry. It’d be a mistake to deliver an actual English composition or English grammar course. No one would buy it!

The market as a whole really is NOT interested in learning to write. This is why the AWAI course must be viewed more as a business opportunity than as an actual writing course — it’s what we the buyers are demanding. AWAI is simply delivering what the masses (myself included) actually want. Not necessarily what the market actually needs.

As much as we might want to claim to see the course organized otherwise this is our fault. The AWAI business model makes total sense.

A Pet Peeve

I read somewhere that the course tells you “all” you need to get started:

a comprehensive course that will teach you the basics of copywriting, get you started and make sure that by the end of it, you have all the skills needed to make a success of your copywriting careers.

And another example:

Start with AWAI’s introductory course, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. This will give you all you need to get started working as a freelance copywriter.

The basic course does not give you all you need to get started running a copywriting business.

I now realize I was expecting too much from a single source. The fault was my own. The course gives you all you need to know to make a start at learning to write copy. And the course delivers everything you need to begin understanding the structure of direct response copy.

Honestly, you probably can begin structuring copy and writing for clients by the time you complete the basic course. The course is that good. It is fairly complete as a direct response copywriting course.

However the basic course won’t make you a Bencievenga or a Makepeace. It isn’t that good :p But it is strong enough to kick-@$$ over local competitors and their marketing teams who are just winging it and making it up as they go along.

If you look at the course realistically for what it is and what it offers and then build up from there you’ll be happier.

  • The course won’t provide cut-and-paste tools needed for attracting or pursing clients.
  • And if your grammar and writing skills severely suck this course won’t fix that. It isn’t a magic pill.

What You Really Get

AWAI gives you the structure to write direct response copy. You need to deliver the writing talent. And the elbow grease. Those qualities must come from you. Not from this course.

The AWAI course really isn’t about ‘writing’. The course leans more towards understanding how to assemble individual pieces of direct response copy where the final whole exceeds the individual parts. It’s a good foundation. You will learn writing direct response copy in a systematic way. The talent to actually put words to paper beyond that will need to be gained elsewhere.

You’ll get the most out of the course if you enter the course eyes wide open. Recognize the course for what it is, not for what overzealous affiliates may have lead you to believe it could be.

The online version of the course has been updated significantly compared to the original ‘hard copy’ version I bought nearly a decade ago. Much that was missing from the earlier printed course (like writing powerful bullets and tons more) is now available in the online version of the course–thus increasing the value of the course even more.

Truth be told, you won’t learn from this course specific how-to details to attract, pursue, persuade or interact with clients or prospective clients of your own. You’ll need to gain those insight elsewhere or from another AWAI course. That isn’t what the course is about.

This course is about creating direct response content. I’ll say it again…This course is not about getting clients. This is about being a better direct response copywriter than you now are.

The course works.

Off and on from about 1977 onward I wrote copy for my own mail order activities and my own small business ideas. I was about 12 years old when I launched my first mail order business and began ‘swiping’ sales copy.

Despite making money from direct mail marketing I’m convinced my results were far from what they could have been.

The AWAI course has helped me become a better direct response copywriter. Way better. This probably never would have happened had I stayed on the unstructured path I was on.

Plus, I cannot recall ever charging one red cent to write copy for others prior to joining AWAI. Initially I only wrote for my own creations.

Well, as a result of AWAI training I earned in a very very brief time freelance fees well over the $10k ‘teaser’ AWAI uses to get folks going. Sure, the AWAI check would be nice recognition. But I’m certain just about anyone can beat the $10k amount if you complete the course, are diligent about getting clients on your own, and are diligent about delivering value to clients. Delivering value is something I think AWAI strives to do too. They simply have decided to offer a course that resembles our true wants–learning to make money writing but not necessarily learning to write. There is a difference.

This course is a good all-in-one source for getting started at assembling content. It is not nor do I believe it was ever meant to be a complete ‘business in a box.’ You are kidding yourself if that is what you are expecting. This is not a prepackaged franchise. This is a course about writing direct response copy. Not about getting clients or working with clients.

The online course is extensive. You will learn to write sales copy that converts if you follow this process.

Still, despite not being a ‘business in a box’ as I had imagined years ago, I truly believe AWAI offers the best ‘all in one‘ starter copywriting course on the planet in this price range. You are free to outright feel otherwise about their stuff. I’ll respect that. Just don’t continue to go around claiming things that are untrue.


PS: This is a continuation of my AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting review.

PPS: AWAI ‘teases’ us with the $10k offer. Sure, I’d love to earn AWAI‘s beat the control check — for bragging rights. But honestly, if you learn to write well you will far exceed in client income the amount AWAI awards to its annual winners. Yeah, I’m speaking from experience here. Thanks AWAI!

NOTE: The online version of the course has expanded significantly. Amazingly so. You are provided everything needed to write professional sales letters that convert. However, the impetus needed to complete the course must come from you. Again I say, I’ve not found any other single source for learning to write sales copy that can compare to the AWAI course anywhere close to this price range. Especially since the course has expanded significantly. AWAI links had been replaced with affiliate links after-the-fact. Feel free to also show thanks for my honest and open reviews.

Updated 4/3/2015